How I Became Vegetarian: Rational answers to Why Do People Become Vegetarian by Ioan Draniciar


Saying it as it is.

Having been a vegetarian before I decided that I would become one again and wanted a motivational book to help me sustain my convictions when challenged by others, and I certainly made the right choice with this one.

Having been an animal lover all my life I could no longer live with eating them. In this book the author has used a no holds barred approach, yes, it is shocking in places, but come on, everyone knows really what happens on the factory farms, and we just chose to turn a blind eye.

As the author points out, there are many wonderful fruit and vegetables out there and if you really want the ‘taste’ of meat, plenty of vegetarian versions of it. I have to say here that I cannot understand why you would go vegetarian and then want the taste of meat, but there you go, there is a market for the produce so it must be true.

Until today, I confess, I scrolled through all those animal cruelty postings we all see, turned a blind eye, well from now on, I at least will not be condoning this sort of cruelty. This book was just what I wanted and needed to change my diet for ever and REALLY call myself an animal lover. Three cheers for the author!


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 About the book: This is my personal journey from meat eating to vegetarian life style. If you ever wonder why do people become vegetarians this is a good read for you.
If you keep an open mind, it will help you understand the reasons why people become vegetarian.
I’d like to think this little book will help you see things from a different perspective, something to reflect on.
All I want is to plant a little seed in your mind and nurture it with care so that would grow and expand to the point it can no longer be ignored. It happened to me and I want you to experience that as well.
We have been trained to think in a certain way since birth but we have the knowledge and power to start looking at things from various angles so we can choose what’s best for us and those around us.
Our ancestors didn’t have the knowledge and choices we have today. They did whatever they could in order to stay alive but we evolved and have no more such excuses.
Being vegetarian it’s not just about reaping the benefits of proper health and nutrition.
Vegetarian living is more about showing kindness and compassion to all our planetary companions. It’s about planning ahead by trying to save the resources of our planet through a green lifestyle.
This book will help you see what is like on the other side and welcome you with open arms if you ever decide to explore it.