Benton: A Zombie Novel by Jolie Du Pre

513BdF2egIL__AA160_I have to say first off that I really liked this book, it is a really enjoyable story, and what made it even more pleasant, in my opinion, is the fact that it does not go overboard with graphic blood and guts descriptions but instead focusses on building up a really good story and characters.

At the beginning we meet Jennifer Benton hiding in her bedroom in Waterbank, Illinois. She’s hiding from her mother who has, like most of the people around been turned into a zombie. But she can’t hide forever, and so she makes a break for it and thus begins her adventures.

Soon she has the good fortune to meeting up with a group of other young people. Preparing well, they decide to make a run for it to Texas where one of them, Mark has a family ranch. However, the trip has many surprises in store for them as they discover other survivors, get to know each other, and their true natures come to the surface…

The characters are all very different, some you love, some are frustrating and others you could easily hate, however, this is the first book in this series and I for one cannot wait for Volume 2.


About the Author: Jolie du Pré is a full-time author, editor, article writer, blogger, and monster lover.


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