Dear Bob: The Misadventures of Petunia Pottersfield: Volume 1 by T P Keane


This enchanting story begins on Petunia Pottersfield’s 11th Birthday. Petunia is a fairy who lives in Furrow Grove. She has a mass of unruly hair, and she’s writing in her diary who she calls Bob. Why Bob, why not? After all everything deserves a name, doesn’t it? Bob is very special to her because he is the place where she confides all her hopes and fears.

You see, Petunia is lonely, she doesn’t have many friends because she is very clumsy, and she doesn’t like school either. She has a kind heart, it’s just that things just don’t turn out as she intends them too…

Then things look up, she has a new friend Alisia, and the girls have great fun together, until they notice that something has gone terribly wrong with the inhabitants of Furrow Grove, they have changed…

At first, the girls manage to hide, but then disaster strikes and Alisia is caught.

Petunia is desperate, and eventually finds help, but will it be in time to save Alisia and the fairies of Furrow Grove?

Find out in this charming and exciting children’s adventure, from the author of The Paladins of Naretia.


About the author:

Born in Galway, Ireland, (the middle child of seven) The Paladins of Naretia is TP Keane’s debut novel. An avid lover of science fiction and fantasy, she found herself drawn into a world that sprung to mind one night, in a dream. Naretia holds many secrets and adventures, of which, The Paladins, is only the first.


About the book:

Petunia Pottersfield can’t help being clumsy, that’s just the way she was made. Every fairy in Furrow Grove knows her as “The Jinx” and even when she tries so hard to not be herself … it always ends in disaster. But when something strange starts happening to the other fairies, it’s up to Petunia to discover the truth and save them. She must break fairy rules and fight the rising darkness all on her own, and … do it without killing them all too.


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