Dynomike: Talent Show Time by Frankie B Rabbit


I loved reading Dynomike: Talent Show Time with my grandsons! It tells the story of what happens when a teacher puts up a poster for a talent show at school. It is asking for entrants who have all sort of talents, and it gets Dynomike and his friends thinking.

Each one ponders on what a great chance it is to show off their special talent, and win a prize! Out comes their competitive spirit, and they start working out what THEY can do, and how THEY can win. They are all very talented in their own special ways, and each is sure they are the best.

This sets Dynomike thinking, he takes himself off and is sad, it’s a pity that there has to losers for there to be winners. How much better it would be if they could all win!

So, he gets all his friends together, and tells them his plan.

But will his friends be interested?

Do they want to work together, and can they?

All is revealed on Talent Show night, when we find out what happens, and who steals the show.

This series of books is very special because it shows children, through wonderful rhyme, and beautifully eye-catching illustrations, using the lovable characters of Dynomike and his friends, the importance of friendship, support and team work, in many different situations.


About the Author: Frankie B. Rabbit was born and raised underground; the underground rap scene that is. Walking alone through the rough soils of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and now currently in New Jersey; he traveled most of the North East battle rapping other upcoming hip-hop artists at local night clubs to only find himself getting paid in vegetable scraps and free admissions. While, he was winning a majority of his freestyle rap battles, Frankie B. Rabbit was only participating for bonus money to keep his whiskers afloat. Frankie B. Rabbit’s talents were not self-fulfilling for him, and he was seeking to take his talents elsewhere; hopefully to make a difference.

So, while, his rap career was dragging with monotony, he enters, yet another, freestyle rap battle at B.B. Kings in New York City—which ended being his last rap battle after being defeated by an 8 year old second grader in the first round—his name was Dynomike!

“The lyrical niceness, my rhymes so tight I give nightmares to vice grips! This mic is five bucks, this night is five bucks, and Dynomike is — is priceless!” That was only one of the sixteen bars he dropped on Frankie B. Rabbit.


About the Book: Best Selling Author (Frankie B. Rabbit) known for Dynomike: Back to School, and Come At Me, Bro brings you another great story called Talent Show Time.

From the Dynomike Series:

It’s talent show time at Dynomike’s school, and everyone is pumped to show off their skills and beat their friends for the grand prize. But when the competition starts to come between him and his best buddies, Dynomike realizes that there must be a better way.

Competition can bring out the good and bad in all of us in our quest to be the best. Through fun rhymes and illustrations, Dynomike: Talent Show Time shows kids that winning doesn’t mean you have to hurt the ones you care about.

Available from Amazon in Paperback https://www.amazon.com/Dynomike-Talent-Show-Time/dp/1542363918/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1484737206&sr=1-2&keywords=dynomike+talent+show+time

and Kindle format https://www.amazon.com/Dynomike-Talent-Childrens-Friendship-Rhyming-ebook/dp/B01NCSQ76G/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


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