Everything is Different by Ann Morris


Exciting times are ahead when Brett visits England.









Brett and his dad visit England where so many things are different, and in this lovely book he learns that different is not necessarily wrong.

From the moment Brett stepped onto the plane he knew he was in for a great adventure. He and his dad had been invited to England, and that was a long way away from his home in America.

There are lots of things for him to discover, and the first was that the clouds were under his feet, not over his head.

Then he discovers that the English drive on the ‘wrong side of the road’ and not only that, they ‘speak funny’ too. Whatever next?

Arriving in the Midlands Brett is in for a treat when dad tells him that they are going to visit Bolsover Castle, and he immediately looks it up on his laptop to find out more.

“Wow, this big stone castle definitely looks like a great place to explore, but why aren’t they made of wood like ours are?” He asks his dad.

He soon discovers the answer to this question and many more when he arrives at the castle. Everyone can dress up, and Brett decides it would be cool to become a knight for the day. And wow what a fantastic day he has as he steps back in time and relives history. He has learnt so much in just one visit!

However the day is not over, there are other places to see, and different food to try.

Sadly, soon it is time to go home, their brief holiday is finished. Brett has had a wonderful time and has learnt a very important lesson from his trip, which is that different definitely isn’t wrong, and having an open mind to new experiences opens a world of wonderful opportunities to you.

I loved the way that this book highlights positively the differences between England and America. I found its message to children inspiring, because like the author, I feel is very important for our children to be able to experience new things, and realise that things are very different in other places.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Melissa Wright.


About the Author:









Ann Morris believes that life experiences are big teaching moments for children. The more adults foster positive attitudes and learning methods, the better communicators and more resourceful adults our children will become. Fluent in Spanish, she encourages others to learn as many languages as possible. The more we understand each other on an individual basis, the fewer stereotypes there will be.


About the Book:

Brett and his dad visit England in the United Kingdom. Brett observes many things new to him. His dad patiently explains why different things work where they are and that Brett should not be alarmed. Brett learns that different does not mean wrong and enjoys his experience, including a visit to a castle.

Available from Amazon in Hardcover https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Different-Ann-Morris/dp/1620866870/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522229406&sr=8-1&keywords=everything+is+different+by+Ann+Morris

and Kindle format https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Different-Ann-Morris-ebook/dp/B017WLXNVC/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1522229406&sr=8-1


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Everything is Different can also be purchased in Spanish in both Hardcover and Kindle from Amazom.es https://www.amazon.es/Everything-Different-Ann-Morris/dp/1620866870/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1522230195&sr=8-1&keywords=everything+is+different+by+ann+morris


Brett y su padre visitan Inglaterra donde muchas cosas son distintas, y en este libro bonito aprende que lo distinto no significa equivocado.

Desde el momento en que subió Brett al avión sabía que entraba en una gran aventura. Les habían invitado a su padre y a él a Inglaterra, y eso quedaba muy lejos de su hogar en América.

Hay muchas cosas para que descubra, y la primera fue que las nubes quedaban bajo sus pies, no sobre la cabeza.
Entonces, descubre que los ingleses conducen en la vía «equivocada» del camino y no sólo eso, hablan «raro» también. ¿Qué más habrá?

Llegando en las tierras «Midlands», la parte central de Inglaterra, Brett está para experimentar algo especial cuando su padre le dice que van a visitar el castillo Bolsover Castle, e inmediatamente lo busca en su portátil para saber más.

–Guau, este castillo enorme seguro que parece gran lugar para explorar, pero ¿por qué no están hechos de madera como los nuestros?– Le pregunta a su padre.

Pronto descubre la respuesta a su pregunta y a muchas más cuando llega al castillo. Todos se pueden disfrazar y Brett decide que sería bonito hacerse caballero para el día. Y guau que día tan fantástico lo pasa al retrocederse por los años y revivir la historia. ¡Ha aprendido muchísimo en sólo una visita!

Pero el día no ha terminado, hay otros lugares que ver, y comida distinta que probar.

Con pena, dentro de poco se les acaba la visita breve. Brett lo ha pasado fenomenalmente y ha aprendido una lección importante de su viaje, la cual es que distinto seguramente no significa equivocado, y que ampliarse la conciencia a nuevas experiencias te abren un mundo de oportunidades magníficas.

Me encantó la manera en que este libro recalca positivamente las diferencias entre Inglaterra y América. Me inspiró el mensaje a los niños, porque como la autora, Yo siento que es importante que nuestros niños puedan experimentar nuevas cosas, y darse cuenta que son muy distintas en otros lugares.

Este libro es ilustrado de una forma muy bonita por Melissa Wright.

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