FIRE: The Bouncing Lieutenant by Joe Corso

An amazing fire fighting story.

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Publisher: black Horse Publishing; 1 edition (July 26, 2013)


About Joe Corso: I was born in 1935 and I grew up in Queens, New York. I started writing at the age of 75 hoping to raise money to send my grandchildren to better schools. In the past three years I’ve written 12 books and 6 short stories. Right now I’m working on The Starlight Club 5. After that I’m considering writing a sequel to the Lone Jack Kid which is a finalist in the 2013 Readers Favorite book contest. The Starlight Club won the silver in the 2012 eLit TRUE CRIME category, and is a finalist in the Readers Favorite 2013 book contest. My short story FIRE: Box 598 is also a finalist in the Readers Favorite short story category.

Go figure. If I would have known I could write a good story, I would have started my writing career a half century ago.
About the book: I don’t feel comfortable writing about fires that I was involved in almost a half a century ago while I was on the job. My children and grand children have urged me to write about some of the fires I responded to so I have reluctantly agreed to write just five short stories. This is one of them.This story occurred at the Keneret Restaurant cellar fire on Jane Street in lower Manhattan and was taken from notes written by me almost a half century ago. As I wrote this story the memories of that night came flooding back in vivid detail. I hope that I have successfully captured and conveyed the drama of the moment to the reader.
Review by Susan Keefe

Training is important in all walks of life, but when your job is something as dangerous as a fire fighter, it is essential, and so fire drills are carried out every night at the FDNY. The training could save lives and you soon learn that listening to other more experienced fighters’ advice is wise.

When the call goes out to attend a restaurant basement fire, Engine 24 is the first to arrive; this story is about the events of that night, written by an eyewitness, one of the fire fighters, the author himself. Faith in the commands of your officers, following protocol and watching your comrades’ backs is essential; everyone looks out for each other in this very dangerous occupation.  

 When a gas leak is detected and needs to be controlled, it is the fire fighters job to do this under very dangerous conditions. The term fireball is something we have all heard, but few people have witnessed, the author’s description of one is amazing, the devastation it causes and ongoing ramifications make this story compelling reading.

Joe Corso is an amazing writer, whose vivid descriptions of the fire fighting incidents he has attended are enthralling. Through his stories, we glimpse into the world of these brave people and learn the true meaning of comradeship.

Oh, and as to the reason for the title of this book, you will have to read it to find out…

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