Fire War by T. T. Michael


Disasters, and the people who cause them, are etched in the very core of a nation. The horrific attacks of July 14th, 2051 by Hariq Jihad (‘Fire War’) had such an effect, and because of them the United Continental States of America was formed uniting USA, Canada and Mexico.

Years later, with no terrorism threats, and stability reigning, the people are happy with President Meyers, the man who has been the driving instrument, and has made this happen. The country is run under a tightly controlled, inflexible system, people know what to do, and where their loyalties must lie. However, there are others who do not agree…

President Meyers needs to be surrounded by loyal protection. When Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson is offered the chance to become part of his security detail, it is the perfect opportunity for the Marine, coming just at the right time and providing much needed stability for him, his wife and two little girls.

However, as the years pass by and his girls grow older, Anthony discovers that they have wills of their own, and do not follow blindly like the majority. Also, he is tormented by an incident in the past which he must put to rest.

Will his loyalty to the President and all he stands for, stand strong when his family need him, and their lives may be in danger?

This is a powerful and thought provoking futuristic thriller, which certainly opens your eyes to the possibility of a very different world in years to come…


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