From a Broken Land (The Broken Throne) by William R. Herr


A brilliantly entertaining epic fantasy story.


In his epic debut science fiction/fantasy novel, the first book in the ‘Broken Throne’ series, William R. Herr has created an imaginary Kingdom, where battles are fought against a terrible, evil, enemy, one which can be seen only as shadows, and mist.

The story opens as a horrific blight sweeps through the lands, killing everyone and thing. In desperation, Cardinal Richmond sends, Gidon, a soldier and church emissary on a quest, one he is not expected to return from… he must travel to the land of Hammat, find a seer, and beg for aid against the blight.

Then there is Kiranae, a princess, fleeing from an evil prince with the help of her aunt the Countess Elna Damarc. To escape capture she finds herself freely entering the mist, not knowing what her fate will be.

The future however sees her stumbling from the forest in front of Gidon, Tenant, Seer Renault, and Guard Rinkins, on their quest, travelling through a land facing disaster and fighting the creatures in the shadows.

Fate it seems has thrown them together, and as this epic adventure unfolds there are fierce battles, terrible creatures, and untold dangers ahead for the group.

However, fate dictates that Kira and her aunt are to be reunited. When this happens, secrets are revealed which could change everything.

The author has created an amazing kingdom, with well-defined characters and a fantastic plot with danger, excitement, twists, and a hint of romance. Reading it, one very quickly becomes absorbed into the story, so much so that it is very difficult to put down. I highly recommend it for lovers of science fiction, fantasy and of course adventure.

About the Author: William R. Herr – Author, Playwright,  Poet, Adventurer


Never content to settle for the mundane aspects of life, William R. Herr’s life has been nothing short of a grand adventure.

Born in Santa Monica, California, the child of a British mother and a German-American father, Herr had a quite unconventional experience growing up. Traveling with his parents across America, he learned to love to read, starting first with the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs. From there young William moved on to the Oxford English Dictionary, the Analects of Confucius, Tolkien, Heinlein, and Asimov.

“When I didn’t have my nose in a book,” says Herr, “I was either building some wild new invention, or destroying something as I tried to test it. There may have been some miserable failures at sports during that period, but I admit nothing.”  Early on though he was recognized for his skills as a writer, winning a writing contest and cementing his ambition of becoming a wordsmith.

After a stint at a junior college, Herr spent some time in Europe before returning to the United States where he landed a job as News Director at WHGB-AM in Harrisburg, PA. In his spare time, he wrote his first play. Then it was back to school to work at the college newspaper, before transferring to the prestigious University of Iowa Writing School. It was there that Herr continued to hone his writing skills, writing his first published piece (Jeremy & February, published 1996 in Likewise Magazine, London), and producing his first play (The White Room) at No Shame Theater.  He also found time to play chess with Kurt Vonnegut and spent the rest of his free time “over a typewriter.” But before he graduated he got married and had a child, making the insecurity of the writing life even more of a challenge.

To make ends meet Herr has done everything from digging ditches and shoveling cow manure to working in the corporate world (which may not be that far a stretch).  He also learned everything there is to know about computers and became a master swordsman, competing in the SCA. Herr worked for five years at Mindspring Networks, but found that environment far too stressful and claustrophobic. And since he had acquired a CDL, he opted for the freedom of the highway and became a full time trucker, a job he still maintains.  Herr is an adventurer at heart and has not only jumped off a 500 feet cliff, but has also worked for a while in the rodeo.

He is the author of The Collective, and From A Broken Land is Book One of The Broken Throne series.

Kiranae is a girl in flight, carried through the mists to escape a marriage she cannot abide. Gidon is a simple messenger, sent on a mission he is never expected to survive. Through coincidence, fate, or something stronger, they are brought together—bound to each other.

But, deep within the shadows and mist, a wicked and threatening force watches them. Gidon must protect the girl, his men, and himself from a force and presence he cannot explain. Together, they are thrust into war, intrigue, and impossible love, never realizing that their lives are part of a larger, and darker, plan.

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