How the Treebobs came to be, a Video Story by Declan Harney

The story of how the Treebobs began is a lovely one and a great introduction to this wonderful series of children’s books about the magical Treebobs.

You can hear it on the  Tales4All website in its ‘Storytime Corner’ or by clicking the link below.

Through the wonderful voices of the narrator, we discover all about how the Treebobs came to be. We learn that they were elves, who originally lived in a beautiful valley, which had everything they needed, and they were very happy. However, one day a terrible thing happens and before long, they are forced to find another home.

After a long journey, they arrive at a valley with a dense magical forest in it, could this be their new home?

Well, many creatures live in this forest including wicked witches and lovely fairies, as the elves discover. However, luckily, their journey has a happy ending, but what that is, you will just have to listen to find out.

 This video takes me back to special times reading stories with my children. I find myself just wanting to turn back the clock, sit them on my knees, cuddle them and say, “Now, if you’re ready, then the story will begin.”

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