Kinda Friends II (Super Speed Sam Book 12) by Monty J. McClaine



Fun and games when Sam the superhero Basset Hound meets the diva cat Bella.

My family really enjoy the Super Speed Sam series of children’s book and its star the loveable Basset Hound Sam. His family (because all dog owners know that our dogs are sure they own us and not the other way around) are the McClaine family consisting of Jack, Sam’s mischievous human playmate and partner in crime, his little sister Molly, and their mum and dad.

This story opens with mum getting ready for a bargain hunting shopping trip with her new neighbour Patricia Goldman, and Jack and Sam looking forward to spending the afternoon paying with Jack’s friend Gary.

However, mum is soon surprised to discover that Sam will have to stay outside, you see her new neighbour has a very precious cat called Bella, but she’s not just an ordinary cat, she’s a real film star, and is on Molly’s favourite TV programme The Cat Walk Kittens’.

Consequently, having such a precious diva cat Patricia is not sure she wants her upset by Sam , so it is agreed Sam will stay outside whilst the boys play. However when Jack arrives in Gary’s bedroom he is stunned to discover that Gary doesn’t have a computer or games consoles. Gary has instead just put the finishing touches to a space game, played the old fashioned way. It’s not long before the two boys are deeply engrossed in their game, oblivious to the catastrophic events which are happening outside.

You see, it hasn’t taken Bella long to realise there is a dog outside and she decides to trick him, much to Sam’s dismay. However karma is a good thing and soon she finds herself making a chain of bad decisions which leaves the diva distraught.

The next part absolutely captivated my granddaughter as Sam’s inner voice brings back memories of times long ago and an event which happened to him then – or is he just imaging it did? Anyway, Sam decides he must go into superhero mode and after chanting his special chant he magically saves the diva, even if he does make a blunder on the way. He thinks he has got away with it, but then Bella says something to him which makes him wonder…

The Super Speed Sam books have become a firm favourite in our household, each one bringing a different special message subtly woven into their wonderful stories. Highly recommended for children who love superheros, especially the canine variety.

About the Author:

Proud winner of the 7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards (2018) in the “Environment” category for The Rescue Elves – The Plastic Pollution Adventure.

Proud winner of the 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards in the “Holiday” category for Super Speed Sam – Santa’s Rescue Dog.

I feel that some of the natural interactions between family and friends are gradually eroding, if not already completely worn away for some. And I was reminded of a C.S.Lewis quotation –

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

It also feels like the simple joy of laughing or crying among family and friends is being replaced by beeps, bops and demands to ‘add new features’ or ‘why doesn’t this work?’ or ‘who’s hogging the Wi-Fi?’.

So I set out to create a fun and exciting series of children’s short stories, with lots of adventure and splashes of humor, all paced to hold children’s attention whether reading or listening… at least that’s my hope!

Stories that will delight both boys and girls, the young and old, and, of course, moms and dads! Tales that allow a return to simpler values, kid-like imagination for both children and adults and, I sincerely hope, bring families closer together.

Author’s Website: 

About the Book:

You can’t always judge a book by its cover or a cat by its color, and there are always new things we can learn about each other and ourselves–as our pal Sam learns one beautiful, sunny day. When Mom, Jack, and Sam visit their new neighbors the Goldman’s, Jack learns that there is more than just one way to have fun and Sam gets a dose of feline drama! For Bella, the Goldman’s cat is a big, huge, diva, and although Sam and her do not get along, there’s more in store for the pair than just a playdate gone wrong! While Sam and Bella struggle to find common ground, Jack learns new lessons about seeing the world differently and how to be a better friend. In this hilarious tale of unlikely friendships, explore and enjoy the wonders of meeting someone new and learning things too! Can Bella and Sam move past their differences? Or is Super Speed Sam and his superpowers no match for this crazy cat?

Kinda Friends II is available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle format


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