Kitchen Decorations (Super Speed Sam Book 3) by Monty J. McClaine

Baking can be fun, but messy in the McClaine kitchen.

It’s raining outside so what better thing to do than some baking, and Mom is getting prepared, along with her little helpers, Jack whose six years old, and the youngest member of the family and their little princess, Molly. Of course the whole proceedings are being supervised by Sam the families loyal and superhero (although that’s something the McClaine family don’t know) Basset Hound.

Now all moms know what fun it is to teach their children to bake, however, sometimes it can become very messy, but that’s all part of the fun, right?

Everything starts off fine in the McClaine kitchen, Jake and Molly are following Mom’s instructions, and Sam, well Sam is being a hoover as most dogs are.

However, suddenly the doorbell rings and Mom has to leave the room and answer it. Well that’s when Jack’s mischievous nature comes to the fore and things get very much out of control…

Of course, being the family guard dog, Sam has accompanied Mom to check that the stranger at the door isn’t a threat, and having established that he returns to the kitchen.

Oh how it has changed, I’ll leave you to imagine what a naughty boy could do. What will Mom say if sees what has been done?

Its action time and only Sam can save the day, but will his super powers be enough, or will Mom come in too soon and discover what has happened?

Well my granddaughter and I loved discovering the answer, and seeing the bright illustrations in this super story, and you will too when you read this exciting adventure in the Super Speed Sam series.

About the Author:

Proud winner of the 7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards (2018) in the “Environment” category for The Rescue Elves – The Plastic Pollution Adventure.

Proud winner of the 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards in the “Holiday” category for Super Speed Sam – Santa’s Rescue Dog.

I feel that some of the natural interactions between family and friends are gradually eroding, if not already completely worn away for some. And I was reminded of a C.S.Lewis quotation –

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

It also feels like the simple joy of laughing or crying among family and friends is being replaced by beeps, bops and demands to ‘add new features’ or ‘why doesn’t this work?’ or ‘who’s hogging the Wi-Fi?’.

So I set out to create a fun and exciting series of children’s short stories, with lots of adventure and splashes of humor, all paced to hold children’s attention whether reading or listening… at least that’s my hope!

Stories that will delight both boys and girls, the young and old, and, of course, moms and dads! Tales that allow a return to simpler values, kid-like imagination for both children and adults and, I sincerely hope, bring families closer together.

About the Book:

Protector, friend, digger of bones – Sam plays all of these roles. Yet, he stands out from other dogs with his super top-secret, super special powers that include speed, sleuthing and cleaning to name a few! With these powers, Sam can do things like clean up a massive mess, using rubber gloves and spray, in a matter of minutes instead of hours! Living with the McClaine family, including Mom, Dad, six-year-old Jack and baby sister Molly, Sam takes it as his serious duty to keep the kids safe, sound and clean. Yet he keeps his ‘super-power’ skills well hidden from the family’s eyes. Well, from everyone except for Molly – it’s their own little secret!

Jack is especially notorious for getting into scrapes and messes that he can’t get out of – pretty much all the time. And it’s no exception as Jack, Mom and Molly set out to bake a cake one rainy day. As the lovably mischievous boy helps Mom with Molly as the audience, Sam is able to keep up, cleaning minor messes. That is, at first…When Mom is called away to the ringing doorbell and Sam’s made sure all is safe at the front door, he returns to the kitchen to get a shock. Left to his own devices, Jack has managed to create a monumental mess!

To make matters worse, when Jack attempts to use the electric mixer on his own, disaster hits! Jack flees the scene, and it’s up to Sam, and Sam alone, to do everything, as Molly watches with glee! But, even with his incredible abilities, can Sam clean this mess in time – before Mom comes back?

Find out in this warm, playful tale – a story children will both love and learn from. It makes a great spring-board for parents and teachers to brooch topics of sanitation and cleanliness in a fun and gentle way.

Along with his super special powers, Sam has a vivid imagination. His mind often slips into a dog-friendly dream world for hours. Sam proves a fun and unusual star of the show that all ages will enjoy!

Available from Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and as an Audiobook

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