Lost Time by John Needham

An extremely thought provoking and enthralling story.

John Needham, the author of this thought-provoking story, has had interesting and varied careers, first as a graphic designer, he then tried living for a short time in a commune, before becoming a house renovator, and then landscape gardener. He has also written his autobiography, a short story collection and novels. His first book Convergence has a renovation theme, but all his novels are deeply emotional, written from the heart, and as a reader I found myself quickly becoming engrossed in the individual stories, anxious to know what happens next, and what the final outcome will be.

This novel is very different from any I have read before. The psychological phenomenon which forms the backbone of this story is real, affecting the mental state of many to varying degrees, although the story is fiction. Indeed, we hear on the news of people’s disappearances locally and globally, normally the person is found safe and sound. The families are relieved, and the ten minutes of fame becomes lost in time, quickly forgotten. However, in this story it is a very different case.

Charlie and Siobhan, the protagonists in this novel, have suffered heart-breaking tragedies in their lives, yet have overcome them. As the story begins, Siobhan is struggling with post-partum depression after the birth of their beautiful daughter Kathleen. However, none of these past tragedies explain the disappearance of the young mother one night. One minute she’s popping to the shops, and the next she’s gone. How can Charlies come to terms with this, and what about little Kathleen? Brilliantly putting himself in the shoes of Charles, the author tackles the myriad of emotions, and the rollercoaster of a life which Charlies leads in the years following Siobhan’s disappearance, after all, eventually life must go on…

And the information above is all I am going to give you, because to tell you more will spoil your enjoyment of this emotional, uplifting, yet sometimes heartrending story. All that I will say is that this riveting book will keep you on the edges of your seats as the story twists and turns.

John Needham has, in the back of this book given his readers the opportunity to sample the previous book to this one Sister Annie and Me, in which he explored the themes of compassion, sibling love, interracialism, and gayness.

In his writing of ‘Lost Time,’ the author has given his readers a really interesting, thought-provoking, and emotionally challenging story which will grip their interest from the very first page. Highly recommend!

Author’s Website: https://wordsfromjohn.wordpress.com/

Lost Time is available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-time-John-Needham-ebook/dp/B09VCBYK78/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1648030694&sr=1-1

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