Major Wager by Colin Koenig

major wager

What a refreshingly different book. Everyone has heard of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods and this is the story of a hypothetical match between these two golfing legends.

The story is set in 1997. The young contender, Tiger Woods has proclaimed that he wants to win the most major tournaments in a career and beat the record of eighteen, held by Jack Nicklaus. Jack is not upset by this, in fact he secretly admired the cockiness of the young man. At 57, Jack cannot resist the opportunity to test the skills of the 21 year old, and so he puts the proposal to Tiger, that they play 18 holes of golf.

The author, Colin Koenig then takes the reader on an exciting tour of the 18 holes played. The interaction between these two golfing greats contains great banter, and surprises on the course.

This book is so cleverly thought out, and skilfully written that the drama builds to an excellent crescendo. To tell you more would ruin the story…


About the book: All-time golf majors champion Jack Nicklaus challenges first-time major champion Tiger Woods to a unique round of golf in 1997 to see if Tiger has ‘what it takes’ to someday break Jack’s record of eighteen major titles. Nicklaus was 57 years old. Woods was 21. No one else was there.

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