Mommy & Mikel Go for a Walk by Ann Morris


A walk in the park turns into an amazing adventure for mommy & Mikel.

Memories of the lovely times spent by the author with her son Mikel are the inspiration for this wonderful story.

As parents we know how important it is to keep our children safe, however children don’t always understand. So, through this story the author explains to children that because mummy wants Mikel to get the best out of their walk in the park, she knows that he must dress correctly, and is important for Mikel to accept what she says.

On their walk Mikel sees a beautiful bird, and mummy tells him that it is a goldfinch and that they are the state bird of Iowa. However Mikel is soon to discover that there are lots of different things to see on their walk, and that not all are okay, some can be dangerous, but with mummy’s guidance he is safe.

Later, when they see an animal swimming in the river, Mikel wants to get closer, but mummy sensibly reminds him that it is dangerous to get too close to water, and so they take a look at the animal and then go to the library to discover what it is.

In the library not only does Mikel learn how to behave, but he also finds the mysterious animal in an encyclopaedia. Can you guess what it is?

I read this with my two grandsons aged 4 and 6 and they not only enjoyed the story but learnt a valuable lesson from it. The lesson was that they should always listen to their mummy and take her advice, as she loves them and not only wants to teach them about the wonderful world around them, but also keep them safe.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Blythe Russo, and will be treasured for years to come.


About the Author:

Ann says: This was my first published children’s book. It practically wrote itself, as it is a true account of a walk she wnt on with her son Mikel before computers. The story is one that we have both always remembered and cherished. When Mikel read the book, he laughed and remembered the day.


About the Book:

Mommy and Mikel find rare time to spend together. Mommy suggests going for a walk, and Mikel loves the idea. On the walk there are natural teaching moments, as Mikel is curious and asks about everything he sees. Mommy patiently guides him and cautions him when his enthusiasm would let him leap before he looks.

This is experience is not only for the learning from Mikel’s curiosity, but because Mikel discovers a mystery animal. In order to learn what the animal is, Mommy takes him to the library and shows him how to find the animal using the resources available. Success! Both are happy and Mikel has learned some lessons in caution.
It is also available in Spanish on – Mami y Mikel dan un paseo

Las memorias de las ocasiones bonitas pasadas por la autora con su hijo Mikel son la inspiración para esta historia maravillosa.

Como padres sabemos lo importante que es el mantenerles seguros a nuestros hijos, sin embargo los niños no lo entienden siempre. Así que durante esta historia la autora les explica a niños que dado que Mami quiere que Mikel aproveche .o mejor de su paseo en el parque, sabe ella que necesita vestirse correctamente, y que es importante que Mikel acepte lo que diga ella.

Durante el paseo, Mikel be un pájaro muy bonito, y Mami le dice que es una cardelina y que representa el pájaro del estado de Iowa. Sin embargo dentro de poco Mikel va a aprender que hay muchas cosas distintas que ver en el paseo y que no todas son seguras, algunas pueden ser peligrosas, pero con Mamí como la guía, se queda seguro.

Más tarde, cuando ven nadar un animal en el río, Mikel quiere acercarse, pero Mami lógicamente lo recuerda que es peligroso acercarse demasiado al agua, así que miran el animal y luego van a la biblioteca para descubrir lo que es.
En la biblioteca Mikel no sólo aprende cómo portarse, sino también encuentra el animal misterioso en la enciclopedia. ¿Puedes adivinar lo que es?

Leí esto con mis nietos de 4 años y 6 años y no sólo les encantó la historia, sino aprendieron una lección importante. Lo que aprendieron es que siempre necesitan escucharle a su mami y aceptar sus consejos, porque ella los quiere y no sólo quiere enseñarles sobre el mundo maravilloso alrededor, sino mantenerles a salvo.  

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