Mr. Tortoise on a Mission: A Folktale lesson on kindness and Forgiveness for kids. (Tortoise adventure Series Book 3) by Simons Acquah


A beautiful and inspiring children’s book.

The author Simons Acquah was originally from Ghana and now lives in North Beach, Maryland. He is passionate about promoting reading, and supporting children’s literature, and works with several non-profit organisations to help achieve this. This desire to help build children’s characters through his wonderful stories shines through from the first page of this lovely story which I downloaded to read to my granddaughter.

It is the tale of a little sparrow who lives in the forest with lots of other animals. Every day she watches them as they diligently stock their larders with food, in preparation for the forthcoming drought. The other animals, and even her own family try and tell her that she needs to be prepared for the hard times ahead, but the little sparrow ignores them and thinks that she knows best – that is until the drought arrives…

Then, desperate for food she asks the other forest animals and birds for help, but only one would help her, the tortoise. Because of his kindness she survives the drought, however, despite her promise she has no intention of repaying Mr. Tortoise’s kindness, and he is very unhappy when he discovers that he has been tricked.

Luckily, when he angrily relays his unhappiness to the owl, the wise bird offers him some good advice, and after consideration Mr. Tortoise takes it and discovers that the saying ‘wise old owl’ is true (although we don’t know if this one really is old.)

What was the good advice, and what happened next? Well, to discover the answer to these questions and more you will have to read this wonderful heart-warming story yourself.

My granddaughter and I loved this enchanting yet educational story which has been beautifully illustrated by H. Likhon. The illustrator brings the authors wonderful forest creatures to life, and we are looking forward to reading more books in this lovely series.


About the Author:

Simons Acquah has extensive travel and life experiences which have shaped him to encourage people to live a full life, appreciating opportunities and using their passion to make a difference. He is passionate about teaching character building through children’s literature and allegory.

He has always been fascinated by stories that emphasize lessons we learn from animals like ants, elephants, tortoise and many more. It is truly fascinating the values of hard work, love, unity, honesty and many life lessons he is able to share with children through animals.

Simons was born in Ghana and Lives in North Beach Maryland with his wife Kate and three lovely kids. He holds an MBA from Lincoln University, Missouri. For more information and more amazing stories visit

Author’s Website:

About the Book:

In a season of drought, Sparrow borrows food from Tortoise with a promise to pay back. When Sparrow later resorts to tricks, Tortoise makes it his life’s mission to get her to pay him back.

This heartwarming story encourages positive behavior and guides children through the process of showing love and forgiveness to others.

The “Tortoise adventure series” by Simons Acquah, teaches character building through children’s books. This story encourages positive relationships in a way that children can appreciate and practice.

Other titles include; The Speeding Tortoise and Tortoise finds a Best friend.

Mr. Tortoise on a Mission is available from Amazon in Paperback

and Kindle format

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