Odinsmal: Rise of Jotunheim by Sammy Zakaria


A wonderful adventure into Norse mythology.










This intriguing adventure takes the reader on an incredible journey into the realms of Norse mythology, one which will never be forgotten.

The story begins on the island of Algir Oya where a seventeen year old halfbreed Odin, is angry because his father Bor has refused to let him take part in an ambush against Jotun General Farbauti, and his men. Bitterly disappointed, Odin is left with strict instructions from his father to look after himself and his mother, and take care of a strange pendant which has been handed down through the generations.

That night, a bloody battle is fought between halfbreeds, the Jotun, and their terrifying wolf like beasts, the Berserkers. Defiantly disobeying orders, Odin leaves the others and witness a scenes which will be etched in his memory forever.

Fleeing for his life, the evil Berserkers follow him back to the retreat, and Odin, and his people, find themselves forced to leave their homeland and sail across the water to Midgard.

However, once there, as halfbreeds, they find themselves struggling against ingrained prejudice, and mistrust by the humans. Nevertheless it is eventually reluctantly agreed that they can stay, and they join forces against Loki the evil ruler of the Jotunheim, whose armies are enslaving humans, and forcing them to mine Blóstein (a precious metal), under terrible conditions.

The situation is so desperate that Odin and his new friends Thedrick, and the twins Ve and Vili, decide they must travel beyond Midgard in their search for allies in the battle against the Jotun… before it is too late!

Their quest finds them travelling cross unknown lands, where they discover the Giant, and a race of people who are keepers of a centuries old secret, and a legend which, if true, will change Odin’s destiny forever.

With Farbauti’s troops in hot pursuit, what does the future hold for Odin and his friends, and will Odin live to reap his revenge on the General?

And Loki, why does he want the Blóstein?

So many questions…

This exciting adventure takes the reader on an incredible journey through lands only written about in legend, inhabited by creatures whose names are only spoken in whispers. Odin’s bravery is legendary, but what will be his fate?

A real page turner, guaranteed to keep its reader on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The Author: Sammy Zakaria 









About the Book: Forced to flee from his home on the island of Algir Oya, young Odin finds that the evil he’d barely escaped is already causing death and destruction on mainland Midgard. In a bid for survival, the humans of Midgard have united and taken up arms in a battle which Odin unwillingly must join against the forces of Jotunheim whose ruthless ruler, Loki, is enslaving humans to mine for the precious metal, Blóstein.

Befallen by a lack of strength and resources necessary to stand against Loki’s army of savage footmen and bloodthirsty wolflike berserkers, Odin must venture with his friends Thedrick, Vili, and Ve beyond the boundaries of Midgard in search of an ally to stand with them against the Jotun invasion.

Follow young Odin’s adventure across the realms of the fascinating ancient Norse world where his search for an ally leads him to frightening discoveries about the truth of a forgotten past.


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