Philippe The Black Sheep/Philippe Le Mouton Noir by Joan Dupont


Philippe proves that dreams really can come true!

This is an enchanting story about a courageous black lamb called Philippe, he’s not your ordinary lamb, no following the flock for him, he knows what he wants out of life!

You see Philippe wants to become an artist, he loves to paint and dreams of escaping to Mont Saint –Michel where he imagines himself sitting under its bell, painting.

However, it is one thing to have dreams and another to follow them through, and in this enchanting story we discover if Philippe is successful. We follow his intrepid journey as he bravely works out how to escapes from the mundane life the other salt marsh sheep live, and eventually arrives in France, ready to embrace his new life.

Of course, there is one important little thing that Philippe has overlooked though – in fact he has probably not even considered it, it is that he is a lamb, and for a lot of people his future will have already been decided.

Undaunted and no doubt unaware of the above, Philippe is confident that with hard work his dream will come true, and so he sets out to find a job in the land of his dreams. Determined to succeed he sets out to prove how hard he can work, despite the taunting of Chef Louis the Cruel.

Through his exciting adventure the author, Joan Dupont, teaches the reader some important life lessons, that if you believe in yourself, do what you know is right, and help others, dreams really can come true.

My little granddaughter absolutely adored this delightful story which is not only beautifully illustrated throughout by Ellen Shires but lovely to read as it is written in rhyming verse.

I know this story will be a firm family favourite for years to come.


About the Author: Joan Dupont, author, writes on film and the arts and is known for her interviews in the International Herald Tribune and The New York Times. This foray into children’s fiction was inspired by a visit to the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Ms. Dupont, originally a New Yorker, lives mainly in Paris.

About the Book: This is the story of Philippe, of France, a Salt Marsh Lamb with artistic ambitions. After an arduous journey, he ends up in a Mont Saint-Michel kitchen with a cruel chef — until he’s freed to do his art. The underlying message is to follow your star. With blurbs by Jacques Pepin, model Carmen Dell’Orefice, librarian Katharine Branning of the French Institute Alliance Francaise in New York, and ballerina Karin von Aroldingen. Easily held and shared by parents, caregivers, and teachers eager to explore France, food, and dreams of the arts with their children and students.


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