Price of Justice by Alan Brenham

The Price of Justice by Alan Brenham  is a really good action packed, 5 star, crime thriller which I couldn’t put down.







In Paperback

and on Kindle

A recent widower, Austin P.D. Detective Jason Scarsdale is battling with personal grief and learning how to cope bringing up his young daughter Shannon alone.

When Jason and his partner Sean Harris are instructed to investigate a case of child molestation, little do they realise where their enquiries will lead, or how far its tentacles’ will reach.

Things seem a little brighter when Jason strikes up a friendship with co-worker Dani Mueller, but little does he know that she has her own dark secrets, which will affect his life more than he could ever have imagined.

The insights into how police and law departments work, which this experienced author can give, makes this book a brilliant crime thriller.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this cleverly written, detailed and captivating story, which kept me guessing throughout with its twists and turns.

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