Retirement:Your New Adventure!: It’s your choice to decide if your windshield will be bigger than your rearview mirror

Learn to embrace the exciting opportunities retirement offers.

Bob Boylan, spent his career training middle and senior management to, “Deliver Training that Takes,” and has authored two books on the subject. Now retired himself, he has written this incredibly motivational book, which inspires readers to take responsibility for the rest of their lives, and offers positive suggestions and guidance on how to do so.  He is a self-confessed seed planter, and boy does he do it well! After sowing the seeds in his reader’s minds, he explains what he means using examples, and invites you to use the suggestion as a discussion starter, in your head, or with friends and family.

Retirement happens at various ages now, no-longer is it necessarily sixty-five. However, it is, to some, an intimidating prospect. All of a sudden a routine, or a series of them disappear, and instead there’s this open space where order used to be, opportunities to do new things, and no time constraints, for some this can be scary.

This entertaining little book is a self-help guide for those who may be struggling with the loss of this structure. The author is here to help you explore and embrace all the fun, new, and exciting opportunities which await you.

Of course, there may be factors which will automatically affect the options available to you, your mind, body, or spirit may cause some restrictions. However, the author invites you to explore if these obstacles really exist, or are they a self-defence barrier erected against change? After all, some people love change, challenges and new things, but there are also others who don’t, and can’t see the ‘wood for the trees,’ as the saying goes.

You may want to get fitter, explore the world, or your own country more, stay up late, or take on a new hobby. Whatever you want to do the author is here to encourage you to look forward in life, after all as he rightly says, “There is a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror.” He encourages us to think outside the box, and even remove it, reach for our goals, and live those dreams.

Aimed at retirement, I have to say this book will inspire everyone who reads it to be the best they can be. Bob Boylan advises his readers to grab the proverbial bull by the horns, embrace the future, look forward, not back! As the famous quote says, “Life is not about the breaths you take. It’s about the moments that take your breath away.” Highly recommended!

About the Author:

Bob Boylan is a nationally known trainer that focuses on one thing …
“Delivering Training That Takes.” He travels throughout the country building up and reinforcing the abilities of middle to senior management as a presentation skills trainer. He has authored, What’s Your Point, Get Everyone In Your Boat Rowing In The Same Direction, Rebalance Your Tires and Brilliant Presentations in 24 Hours or Less.

Bob’s company, Successful Presentations, has trained business professionals for over 24 years to be more clear, crisp, and compelling. His clients become more interesting and passionate presenters. Their closure improves, their meetings get shorter, and their recommendations are approved more often. In short, his training helps his clients win more.

God’s Gifts Photography is another passion that is evident throughout this book. Linda and Bob travel locally and abroad to capture The Majesty and Art of God.

He is ready to talk to your group about ” the value of seeing your life through the lens of gratitude.” When you habitually see your life that way, you have a joyful, exciting and very fulfilling life! Bob delivers a strong, memorable, energized message to his audiences. He can be contacted at

About the Book:

As a reader, you are coming up on what you dreamed about, planned for and looked forward to for many years: retiring from your professional job and starting a new adventure.

The purpose of this book is to help you plan the adventure of your lifetime!

You can proceed to design and create what you’ve dreamed of for years, because it’s in your control.

This book will not deal with the financial side of retirement planning. This book is totally focused on ideas to help you create your new adventure of retirement.

You will be creating your own calendar. How’s that for a fresh start! How you choose to fill your calendar is up to you.

The author will help you focus on being useful and significant. Creative and productive. He will have you focusing on utilizing your abilities to help others, all the while giving you a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and usefulness.

The author stresses the point that you are in control of how you wish to think about planning your new adventure!

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