Shootout in Cheyenne by Joe Corso


This book begins during the American Civil War outside the town of Lawrence in Kansas. Cal Rymes is part of a confederate band under the leadership of Colonel Quantrill, and so is his good friend ‘Bear.’ Colonel Quantrill has earnt himself a bad reputation, killing innocent people and stealing money, hidden in the guise of fighting the Yankees, in the name of patriotism, and Cal is not happy being part of his band, but to leave would be fatal.

Finally, when the war ends Cal is discharged, a formidable marksman, he decides to head west towards the plains and try his hand at buffalo hunting.

At Dodge City he is forced to defend himself, and his prowess with the gun is noticed. He discovers there is a contest to win the latest Winchester rifle and decides to compete. When he wins it, becomes the Calico Kid, and a friendship with Henry Galton, the representative of Winchester is born.

However, Cal is restless, so he teams up with the brothers Will and Nick McGuire who are expert buffalo hunters, and they head for the plains.

After a successful hunt the trio head off to sell the skins, however they are ambushed by Neil Sutter and his posse.

Barely alive Cal finds himself at the Williamson ranch just outside Cheyenne where he is nursed back to health.

The town of Cheyenne is where the rest of the story is set. With the railroad coming soon and the town growing, Cal soon earns the respect of the locals, and the love of some of the local women. When he is offered the position of Sheriff he is honoured, and picks his deputies wisely, however, in the background lurks Neil Sutter and his gang, outlaws with a resentment of authority. What will happen when they meet again?

This book is packed to the seams with adventure, gun fights and all the things which make the Wild West legendary. Through the author’s imagination, research, and very descriptive writing, the true grit and bravery of these men comes to life.

A real treat for western adventure fans.


 About the Book: “Joe Corso is a storyteller in the tradition of Louis L’Amour. If you’re looking for an exciting yarn, with well-drawn characters and believable and interesting plot, you can’t go wrong reading any of his stories.” …R.W. Peake, author of the Marching with Caesar series.”

Cal Rymes left the Civil War and his time with the infamous butcher Colonel William Clarke Quantrill. He left Quantrill’s Raiders with a particular set of talents and a desire to get as far away from his past as possible. All he wanted was a quiet life, a small ranch to breed horses and raise cattle. A lofty goal for a man who knows nothing but how to take a life.

A marksmanship contest in Dodge City gives him a chance at a new start, where he wins a prized Winchester “Golden Boy” rifle and the moniker of the Calico Kid. Striking out for Cheyenne with his newfound friends to make a grub stake hunting buffalo, Cal finally gets a glimpse of the life he’s been fighting for. All that stands between him and the sweet life is the Sutter Gang and brutal leader Neil Sutter. With the railway inching ever closer, Cheyenne is a boom town on the verge of going boom. A town in need of heroes and finding only outlaws. These are violent times for violent men. And Neil Sutter and his men are about to find out they bit off more than they can chew when they decided to cross the Calico Kid.”

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