Silver Dollar by Alan Trustman


Betsy discovers that life can change at the flip of a coin.









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A young Betsy, new to New York accepts a date because she is alone, on the rebound, and he has been introduced to her by her only friends in the city. Their foursome is at a Greek restaurant, where a flippant remark sends them on an impulsive whirlwind world tour, but when the plane finally lands at JFK, everything changes. And we begin our journey along the rollercoaster which is Betsy’s life, a myriad of emotions, and dashing, yet mysterious men.

An intelligent career woman, romantic, sexy, yet sometimes lonely, Betsy, despite having husbands, children, and a busy lifestyle, finds herself exposed to the same day to day tasks, worries and anguish ‘ordinary’ women do, and deals with them as best she can, undaunted, hopeful and spirited even into her 70’s. The person who said ‘Life begins at 50,’ obviously hadn’t met Betsy.

This is an irresistible story, completely absorbing, and very enjoyable to read. The reader is able to enjoy complete escapism, and at the turn of every page wonder, what will happen next, and what will the future hold.

About the Book: 

The author of The Thomas Crown Affair presents this engaging story of a small town girl’s five decade big city life and quest for loves, some intended and some not.

From her risky round the world trip on a dare first date through her chance encounters with “consultants” for the Department of State, in a life of multiple relationships, new and old, you live with​​ our ​Betsy this story of her life and loves.​

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