Soul Retrievers by David Burton


A journey through the Gates of Hell!

Errors happen every day in life, and in death…

This is why there are Soul Retrievers, special people whose job it is to enter through the gates of Hell and retrieve the souls of those who have been sent there by mistake. The training is rigorous and can take years, and often the ability to be one is passed down through generations.

Getter is a soul retriever, and so was his Father-in-Law. This time his mission is to find the soul of Brittany, a little girl aged ten who was sent into Hell by mistake.

But, what is it like entering the Gates of Hell? What do you find on the other side?

Well, the author of this gripping supernatural thriller takes the reader on a wondrous journey through those gates, into strange lands with mysterious landscapes. Where Getter comes across magical creatures, demons, unbelievable beings, and souls tormented in unimaginable ways.

As Getter travels deep into the very depths of hell on his quest he meets other characters like the jolly Scotsman Gregory who is trapped there, and other Lifers like himself. Soon he finds himself teamed up with Sneaker a vampire who is on her own quest to find a young boy, Little Bobby Johnston.

As they fight for survival in the realms of Hell, they find allies in strange animal and discover that ancient legends are true. Then, to his dismay, Getter discovers through Reech, a strange being called a Flyer, that it is his destiny to fulfil a great prophecy, but what is it?

As the underworld prepares for an epic battle, will the Soul Retrievers manage to find Brittany and Bobby? And, even if they do, will they be able to escape from Mephisto, the Helland Security Chief and enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

Only by travelling this amazing adventure with them, through the pages of this epic tale, will you find the answers to these questions. Will they all survive, and if they do, will it be to live a ‘normal’ life or will they die in Heaven or Hell?

This is a fantastic story with every page being cram packed with adventure and magical creatures. It has an exciting plot, amazing characters, and it kept me spell bound until the last page. I would thoroughly recommend it.

About the Author: David Burton is an American writer living in sunny Southern California. After traveling by motorcycle through Mexico, US, Canada and Alaska; building and sailing his own boats to Mexico, Tahiti, Hawaii, and through the Panama Canal to Florida, he turned to writing. He mops floors and collects trash for money, writes for a living, and is an unrequited sailor.

About the Book: When an innocent soul is accidentally sent to Hell, loved ones can hire a certain specialist to return the soul to Heaven Gate. However, if the specialist dies in Hell proper, his soul is trapped there for eternity. These specialists who risk eternal damnation are known as Soul Retrievers. Getter has begun an assignment he takes personally, perhaps too personally: retrieve the soul of a ten-year old girl, the same age his own daughter would have been had she lived. This time, however, a strange plot is brewing behind the normal dangers of Hell. Retrievers are disappearing, including Getter’s brother-in-law, and an army is forming in secret. Teamed with Sneaker, a female Soul Retriever dealing with her new “Life” as a vampire, and an odd collection of Retrievers and souls, Getter only wants to finish his mission. But whispers of prophecy have told of a war between Satan and Mephisto, the Helland Security Chief, and have named Getter as a man with a destiny he does not want.

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