Starlet’s Web by Carla J. Hanna

 Author: Carla J. Hanna

Book Title: Starlet’s Web

Starlet's Web: The Starlet Series

Genre: Young adult, teen love and romance, inspirational romance, religious romance

Brief bio: Carla J. Hanna is the author of the STARLET SERIES young adult romance. A former housewife of Santa Monica, marketing communications executive, and graduate of Colorado State University with a Master of Arts, she lives in Colorado with her family.

Can a teen actress and a Tim Tebow stand up to Hollywood’s web of lies?  A fast read with plot twists.

Review by Susan Keefe

As soon as I started reading this book I realised it would appeal immensely to many girls in their teens and twenties.

Set in Hollywood it has all the glitz of a Jackie Collins novel but with a young adult storyline.

Marie Michael’s is a child star emerging into adulthood amidst the cutthroat cynical film industry, under the guidance of her very famous actor mother. A woman who has herself had to make hard choices and decisions in order to become successful, and make her career flourish in the spider’s web of Hollywood. 

The story begins with Marie learning from her handsome heartthrob star boyfriend Evan that she has to accept the studio’s decision for them to endure a public break-up, for the sake of her career. Devastated, immediately we discover her vulnerability as she turns to her lifelong friend Manuel for comfort.

A child star and still a teenager, she has great support on set from her mother both emotionally and spiritually, fantastic prospects, and a great team behind her. However, Marie’s love lies elsewhere, away from Hollywood, forbidden and secret, safe in a world so different from her own.

Weaved into the pages of this exciting novel are glimpses of the show business world. We are treated to peeps on set, and an insight into what life is really like in Hollywood behind the glamorous facade, the strict training schedules, fitness and food routines and dedication it takes to be a star.

The story follows Marie as she discovers how to handle the emotional and physical demand of her acting career, the Hollywood scene, and the attentions of her handsome heartthrob co-stars who are used to adoration wherever they go. This is a false world, where emotions are for show, and the actors spend their whole life acting out their part, portraying the image, which is expected of them by their fans.

Starting as a sizzling romantic Hollywood novel, full of heartthrobs and glitz, this enthralling story evolves in a surprising way, when Marie makes a startling discovery, the repercussions of which are unforeseen. With the love and support of those around her, she evaluates her life, and through her strong sense of family and her faith in God, finds the ability to face the future, and go forward with her life.

This is a very appealing young adult novel with a great storyline, strong characters and a good plot; I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

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