Strawberries in November by Mike Hanmer Walker


I am so pleased to discover that this talented author and poet has released another book. I love the way his poetry brings alive everyday life, and the people, and things he observes .

The signature poem for this book ‘Strawberries in November’ is lovely and indeed is a life lesson for us all. One of my favourites is ‘A Toast’ which really is a celebration to us all, whoever or whatever we are!

Throughout the book it is obvious that the poetry the author has written has been inspired by events in his life, and the people who help and are important to him. The poem ‘A Beautiful Evening’ is a thank you to his sister and a personal family tribute to his wonderful mum, to which this book was dedicated.

A lovely book of beautiful poetry, and I for one, can’t wait until the next one is published.


About the Author: I was born in North London, but I was raised in Hackney, or Shoreditch, as it was known back in the day. I had a comprehensive education, and I left school without any qualifications in 1968. My first job was as a trainee motor mechanic, but that only lasted a few weeks as the governor at the time seemed to take objection to me turning up late nearly every morning. After one or two garages later, it soon become apparent that motor mechanics was not for me. Well, okay work of any kind was a general interruption to my day at the time, but I persevered and I thought I would give screen printing a trial. I started with this small firm and was doing okay, and I was sent to the London College of printing for a term, but in my return, I was sacked and the firm went under a week or so later. Then I saw a “Boy Wanted for Bake House” poster in the local pie and mash shop (pie and mash is a traditional cockney dish), so I thought, well, that may see me over for a few weeks. I was there for eleven years. I finished in the shop selling rather than making it. The shop closed in 1980. I spent the rest of my working life as a salesman and an accounts rep for the local electricity supplier. I always kept involved in local community issues, chairing the local residents committee for a while. In 2010 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and after the initial coming to terms with the disease, I felt there were many things I could not do anymore so I concentrated more on those that I could and discovered new challenges. I have always tried to be a half-glass-full type of guy, and this first book is my new first challenge.

About the Book: Like my first two books, “The Orange Crystal-like Doorknob” and “The Ol’ Dog and Duck,” this one has fun, food for thought, and emotional feelings that I hope readers can relate to. But this one, although not exclusively so, has a theme running through many of the poems, and that theme is about getting older or maybe denying the fact and the general consequences. Some are thought-provoking, but I still like to have fun with the poems, so many of them I hope you find funny and enjoyable.


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