Sunshine’s Excellent Adventures by Reggie and Anita Hill



The amazing adventures of a very special kitten.


This is an absolutely enchanting little story which my granddaughter adored, about a real kitten and some of his adventures.

Sunshine is a really special kitten in lots of ways. Now I can hear you thinking that all kittens are special, however Sunshine really is special, he has something about him which is different from all other kittens, but I’m not going to spoil the story by telling you what it is.

He had a very happy kittenhood living under a pier on Topsail Island with his mummy, called Mama Motley, and all his friends. It was there that he learnt how important it was to treat others kindly, and discovered the first of many important messages which he passes on to the boys and girls who read about his adventures.

One day Sunshine was adopted by his human parents Reggie and Anita and they took him to live at their beach house called Summerhill where he is very happy. It isn’t long before he has made friends and quickly learns how to make Anita laugh with his antics, he decides it’s fun to make people happy!

However, Sunshine also learns that sometimes he has to go to the animal doctor and be checked out, but he takes it in his stride, he knows his human parents will keep him safe. Whether he is having Christmas at his human parent country home called Lakewood, or meeting new animal and human friends, for Sunshine life is just one excellent adventure, each day bringing new experiences and fun things to learn about.

As I read this lovely story to my granddaughter I was impressed at how many little life messages are woven in the story, and how beautifully written and illustrated it is. That Sunshine was a real cat doesn’t surprise me at all, for it is only when people have a close loving relationship with their animal friends that the true characters of the animals shine through, and we can enjoy not only them but the life lessons they teach us.

I would highly recommend this wonderful story for young children for their parents, grandparents and caregivers to read to them, and slightly older children to read themselves.

About the Book:

This little book is about a wonderful cat, who shared his life with his devoted adopted parents, Reggie and Anita.
Sunshine began his life as a kitten, under a pier on Topsail Island, North Carolina. His wonderful mommy was called, Mama Motley and she adored her baby Sunshine.
Sunshine spend many happy and loving years with Reggie and Anita. He was the smartest and sweetest cat imaginable. He made many friends both humans and animals during his precious life.
This little book is dedicated to Sunshine’s memory and life. It is the authors’ sincerest wish that this little book brings you happiness. They also hope that it will teach children some very important lessons about love, life, service to others, and the acceptance of all living creatures and their role in this wonderful world.


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