The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers

This was Winner of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award.

It is the 2nd book in the Kitty Tales Trilogy written and illustrated by Peggy Krause.







Available in paperback and Kindle format

Spider Man the cat, lives with his owner Marcy and life is great; he spends his time hanging out with his cat friends on Soupy [the house cats] porch.

One day however disaster strikes, Marcy’s grandchildren come to live with her. They only want to play with him but don’t understand how; and he doesn’t like their hugs and sticky fingers in his fur.

Poor Spider Man avoids them at all cost and cannot understand their behaviour, but one day, he discovers that they are in danger and only he can save them!

Peggy in her wonderful narration explains how the children are taught by their grandmother to approach and handle cats without scaring them, because after all they only wanted to love him, they just didn’t know how!

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust – A Christmas Tradition by Patricia Cardello

A magical, enchanting story for Christmas in hardcover with a pouch of Santa Dust included.

How does Santa find all the children on christmas Eve?

This is what two very good children wonder. If the family are poor and the house is dark, how will he know they are there?

When their little dog Jack goes out late on Christmas Eve, he finds something beautiful. The children don’t know that it’s magical, until the magic of Santa Dust is worked, giving them the best Christmas ever.

This is a wonderful new Christmas story about the magic of Santa Dust. Patricia Cardello, a talented author has teamed with Manuela Soriani, the illustrator to produce a beautiful book which any child would love.