I Swear It Happened Just Like This: 17 Short Stories for Your Pocket By Khaled Talib


Ever found yourself stuck in with a boring person who just keeps rattling on, ever felt that you should say something, but am not sure what? Well this is just the book for you! It I a wonderful collection of very short stories which, whatever the situation you find yourself in, should give you something to talk about.

As always, some stories will appeal more than others, depending on what tickles your fancy, but however fussy you are there should be something for everyone. Whether you fancy something a little scary, funny, strange but true, or philosophical, they are all there, ready for your perusal. Then, you can store them away until that time in the future when they are just what you need.

Entertaining and interesting, this book was a very enjoyable read.

About the Author: 


Khaled Talib is a former journalist with local and international exposure. His articles have been published and syndicated to newspapers worldwide, and his short stories have appeared in literary journals and magazines.

His novel Smokescreen was listed “Thriller of the Month” on’s September 2014 issue. The novel is being represented by The Evan Marshall Agency for foreign translation rights.

Talib is also the author of The Little Book of Muses, a book of aphorisms for writers. It has now has been translated into Spanish and Italian.

The author, who resides in Singapore, is a member of the UK Crime Writers Association.

About the Book: Scary stories, funny stories, philosophical stories, strange-but-true stories, and more. 17 personal stories altogether to share with your friends to keep the conversation going when words expire.

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Stories to Creep You Out Until Dawn: 10 Eye-Bulging Flash Fiction by Khaled Talib


I  love a good horror story, and let’s face it, in this busy day and age we don’t always want, or have time to read long books with complicated plots, we just want to sit for five minutes and unwind.

Well the author Khaled Talib, has in this book, given us horror story lovers the perfect opportunity to indulge in our favourite genre whenever we get the opportunity.

This is a great collection of creepy stories which sent shivers down my spine. From unexplained circumstances to ghostly spirits and strange happenings. These are the sort of stories whispered round camp fires, and told in hushed voices, because they have their foundation in real life – they are true!

I loved reading this book, the stories were all very short, but had completely different story lines, each with their own special twist. I thought the variety was great and highly recommend it.

About the author:


“Welcome to my page. Don’t worry, I’ve disarmed the electric fence.”

Khaled Talib is a former journalist with local and international exposure. His articles have been published and syndicated to newspapers worldwide, and his short stories have appeared in literary journals and magazines.

His novel Smokescreen was listed “Thriller of the Month” on’s September 2014 issue. The novel is being represented by The Evan Marshall Agency for foreign translation rights.

Talib is also the author of The Little Book of Muses, a book of aphorisms for writers. It has now has been translated into Spanish and Italian.

The author, who resides in Singapore, is a member of the UK Crime Writers Association.

About the book: Ten real- life bone chilling stories from evil spirits, ghoulish figures to the paranormal, the supernatural, the unexplained, and things that do more than just go bump in the night.

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Stories in Green Ink by Anna Trowbridge

517RpjSBZiL__AA160_Captivating Short Stories. 

This book is a compilation of short stories written fourteen very talented authors.

The authors come from all over the world Australia, England, France, Portugal, America and South Africa. Some are fiction, others are true. My favourite is by Borghild Strandenes a Norwegian author living in France, she writes of her animals and love of them in a very warm and natural way. Her story is very gentle and it takes a while to realise that the characters she meets and talks about are in fact her own beloved rescue animals, each with a tale to tell and a very special place in her heart.

If you like your stories a little risqué then you will not be disappointed in Sherri Clark’s story. Should you enjoy something creepy then Janet Langman has some good tales. There’s fantasy, mystery, and even heartfelt extracts from the true story Travels with an African Husky by John Martin Bradley. All the stories are lovely in their own way, making a lovely compilation with something to suit all tastes.

The contributing authors are:-

Janet Langman

Guy Thair

Catherine Broughton

A. J. Millen

Borghild Strandenes

Tracey Clark

Christine Edney

Sherri Clark

Henry Last

John Martin Bradbury

Rosalind Newsham

Virginia Lowe

Allison Symes

Enoa Francis


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A Christmas Dozen: heartwarming stories from Steve Burt – The Christmas Story Pastor

51SQd4+9+9L__AA160_What a wonderful selection of stories!

The author, Rev. Dr. Steve Burt is a Congregational minister who is also known as The Christmas Story Pastor.  All I can say is that I wish I lived near to him so that I could hear him tell these stories in person.

But these are not just stories, this wonderful selection uses modern day parables to bring alive the true meaning of Christmas.

What can I say is, if you love Christmas, get out your hankies and immerse yourself in the true meaning of Christmas by reading this beautiful selection of heart-warming stories.

This book also has an audiobook version and I have listened to it. All I can say is that his voice is warm and he pronounces every word so very clearly, that it is so special that when you close your eyes it seems as if he is sitting next to you.

About the Author: STEVE BURT first appeared on readers’ radar in 2003 when his unknown collection, Even Odder, became a surprise Nominee/finalist for the coveted Bram Stoker Award, horror’s top prize, in the Young Readers category (in a field of five that included Neil Gaiman and J.K. Rowling, who eventually won for Harry Potter). The next year (2004) Steve had another finalist with Oddest Yet (in a field of four that included Clive Barker and Dean Koontz)–which resulted in an unprecedented tie between Steve Burt and Clive Barker, giving each of them a Stoker. Other collections in the Stories to Chill the Heart Series included Odd Lot (2001 Benjamin Franklin Award) and Wicked Odd (2005 Ippie Award finalist). All four are available in print and ebook.

Steve’s FreeKs series of crossover novels (psychic teen characters, adult reading level) recently won 21 international awards including the London, Paris, NY, New England, Hollywood, and San Francisco Book Festival Awards, the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, the Halloween Book Festival and 3 Beach Book Festival Awards, plus 4 Mom’s Choice golds. FreeK Camp, FreeK Show, and FreeK Week are available in print, ebook, and this fall in audio.

In August 2014 thirteen of Steve’s most popular radio-read-aloud stories from the Chill the Heart series were released as Wicked Strange (print, ebook, and in October as an audio book).

Another 13 were excerpted for Horrors! Ghost Stories and Weird Tales to Help Kids Write, Learn, and Write Their Own Stuff. With input from middle-school teacher and editor Jolyn Joslin, the storybook/textbook included discussion questions and writing prompts, with answers in the back. Available in print, ebook, and in late October in audio book.

A retired pastor and seminary professor, the Rev. Dr. Burt formerly wrote church leadership and inspirational books and contributed to Family Circle magazine and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. His bestseller, A Christmas Dozen: Christmas Stories to Warm the Heart won numerous awards and is available in print, ebook, and audio book. Unk’s Fiddle: Stories to Warm the Heart is now out-of-print; its title story “Unk’s Fiddle” won a Ray Bradbury Creative Writing Prize (one of three the author received).

In 2009 Connecticut Magazine profiled him as “The Sinister Minister,” acknowledging the importance of his contribution to teen and Y.A. dark fiction. He now lives and writes in Florida and offers school author visits nationwide via Skype. His Facebook pages are FreeKs and Christmas Story Pastor, his Twitter handle is wrytuh, and his website (with blog page and calendar) is

A Christmas Dozen is available from Amazon in Kindle format here

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Precipitous Tales by H. P. Lovecraft – Narrated by Neil Hellegers

GulliversTravels_Cover_9780979377754A creepy short story collection.


I have to say straight away that I absolutely loved all four of these creepy stories and think that the voice of Neil Hellegers was excellent for them, as his narration left me with shivers running down my spine.

There are four short stories in this collection by this classic and well known author.

In the first, The Nameless City, a brave explorer decides to explore an abandoned city in the desert and is shocked at what he discovers…

The Tomb tells of the effect a lifelong obsession with his families crypt has on a young man.

Another tells of a sailor, adrift at sea, who awakes to discover himself in a different world.

The last, but not least is a haunting tale of a student, and the music he loves to hear, until he realises that it serves a sinister purpose.

If you fancy cuddling up (preferably not alone) in front of a fire, turning the lights down low and thoroughly un-nerving yourself, then this is definitely the audiobook for you.


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Another Spring by John Needham

Capture_Another_Spring_blue_palerAbout the Book: An un-named black girl finds awakening of love in her barren life. A young girl samples a first kiss with a young man after having a fright at the seaside in 1924. Two couples go through the hopes and anxieties of child adoption, finding they have something in common. The angst of being an ugly duckling teenage boy in the 1950s comes good, with a surprise twist in the tail. A writer reminisces about the recent years of his past in recollections bitter-sweet.

These are stories that will tug the heart strings and sometimes make you smile. And sometimes too, perhaps, they might provoke another sort of smile: a wry one of remembrance.



A lovely collection of short stories.

This book is a collection of short stories, each possessing different themes, but all written in the style of writing that lovers of John Needham’s other books will recognise. 

John writes from experience, hindsight and observation. These stories are poignant, reflective, heartrending and celebratory, they will make you laugh, smile, think and reflect.

If you are a fan of fly on the wall stories or memoirs, you will love the way that his pen dips into the past as he captures the essence of life then, and the innocence of bygone days, in the first two of his short stories which are called Awakening and Skeggy Day Out.

Tantalisingly, Baby Blues is a taster for his next novel The One of Us. As two couples explore their thoughts and feelings whilst deciding whether they are going to adopt.

Of course everyone has fallen in love. Dream, Dream, Dream, takes its title from the famous song as one man reflects on life and love in the 50’s.

Whilst in the final story a writer shares a little of himself in Another Spring…

Even though two of the stories are modified extracts from the author’s novels Convergence and Forebears, the others are new, and I am confident in saying that fans of John’s writing will not be disappointed in this new book.

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Terror at White Otter Castle by Bonnie Ferrante

This short story is based on a true story and I found it a very enjoyable read.










About Terror at White Otter Castle: Laurel, Aster, and Beth have been best friends since grade one when they created the “triangle of power”. In September, as high school graduates, they will head off in different directions. Because Laurel fears it will be the end of their friendship, she convinces the others to join her on an end of summer trip – a nine-day canoe expedition to White Otter Castle, deep in the Northern Canadian forest. Unknown to her, the hundred-year-old log castle is has a dark secret. The “triangle of power” faces the ultimate test when the dark forest holds a terror they never imagined.

This campy little novella is sure to give you a shiver and a smile.

About Bonnie Ferrante: Bonnie Ferrante writes for adults and young adults. Bonnie loves living in Northern Ontario, Canada even though she spends most of the long winter indoor writing. She chants, bikes, gardens, reads, stitches, volunteers, studies the Dharma, paints, plays/works on the computer, attends live theatre, enjoys being trounced in scrabble by her husband, Fred, and is often found ripping up pieces of her yard or stripping furniture. She hates cooking and cleaning and loves her robot vacuum, (too bad it can’t move the furniture). Her son, stepsons, and extended family keep her young. Once upon a time, she was a grade school teacher. She has entirely too much imagination and not enough opportunity to indulge it.

Review by Susan Keefe:

When three totally different girls, who are best friends, leave high school they decide to go on a camping trip to visit White Otter Castle.

Deep in the wilderness, this imposing building has a dark history and soon the girls find themselves having an adventure which will test their friendship to its very limits.

Based on a true story this is a very enjoyable read.

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Safe Haven by Steve Byrne

Excellent short horror story.

Product Details


Lost in the jungle, seperated from his unit, Nguyen Van Khue, a North Vietnamese soldier thinks he has found heaven on earth when he follows a grey figure to the village of Mau Giang.

The tribespeople and monks are very friendly, welcoming him warmly, however all is not quite as it seems and soon the secrets and horrors of this seemingly idyllic community are unveiled…

This book has a captivating storyline, and the author’s ability to describe scenes and emotions so vividly makes it a really great read.


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FIRE: Trapped On The 4th Floor by Joe Corso











About the Author: I grew up in Queens, New York and I started writing to raise money to send my grandchildren to better schools. I’ve written 12 books and 6 short stories. Right now I’m working on the fifth installment of The Starlight Club series. When It’s completed I’ll write a sequel to the Lone Jack Kid which is a finalist in the 2013 Readers Favorite book contest in the Western category. The Starlight Club won the silver in the 2012 eLit TRUE CRIME category, and is a finalist in the 2013 Readers Favorite book contest. Another Readers Favorite finalist is my short story FIRE: Box 598.

Go figure. If I would have known I could write a good story, I would have started my writing career a half century ago.
About the book:  This true short story occurred in the mid 60’s and was taken from notes written after the fire. I included a sub-story about my buddy Joe Black who worked that fire with me. While searching through boxes I hadn’t opened in decades I came across my notes about the day I drove my buddy to the hospital and I decided to honor his memory by including a few words about what happened that day to this short story.
Review by Susan Keefe
Everyone watches the stories on the news and admires the fire fighters who bravely enter flaming buildings and rescue people.
Joe Corso used to be such a person, now retired; he has decided to write some short stories about his experiences.
Fire: Trapped on the 4th floor is a harrowing account of the events of one night from the fire fighters perspective, where teamwork, loyalty and absolute trust are essential.
Gripping, fraught with danger and surprise, this short story is a fantastic read, a real insight into a world few of us are brave enough to enter and where friendships are made for life.  


Creepy very short horror story

The Thing with No Eyes by David Pickering.


The Thing with No Eyes

Available in Kindle format.

Two boys have to spend a sunny summers afternoon with two war veterans for a history project. However the story they hear about the Great War is one they’ll never find in the school history books.

This is a very short story but creepy and original.