The Adventures of Super Stew: An unforgettable Journey by Kristi Lynn Domke


Anyone who has loved a pet knows the absolute devastation its death leaves them feeling. Each one is unique, and holds a special place in our hearts.

This story is very sad, because it has come about by the death of a much loved pet, Super Stew or Stewie, the miniature Schnauzer, who was taken long before his time with IMHA (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia).

It is also though a wonderful story of love, and captures the essence of what our canine friends are to us, very special friends and companions. The author of this book makes Stewie’s passing from this world a wonderful adventure, for him, and this is what makes this book so special.

We all dread our friends passing, however as Kristi sends Stewie on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge, he is so happy, exploring and enjoying experiences which spark memories for him. He sings little songs and meets other dogs, all special in their own way, and all following their own paths. At one point he even meets two very important little characters who are not sure where to go, luckily he can send them on the right path.

Eventually he crosses the Rainbow Bridge and experiences life on the other side, he is a happy dog, surrounded by friends and what’s more, he knows he can see his mom when he wants, and she can see him too. You see they will never really be parted.

This book is just beautiful and is a lovely way of explaining the loss of a pet especially to children. And yes, I cried my way through the whole book, because, well because I am me, and I absolutely love animals and know the heartbreak losing them causes.

This is, without a doubt a lovely way of explaining something which is so hard for children to come to terms with, to them, and I hope the author finds as much enjoyment with her other canine friends as she did with truly ‘Super Stew!’

I was given a copy of this book by the author, in exchange for a honest review.


About the Author: Kristi is a feature writer at a university. She holds a B.A. in communications and her experience in higher education has led her to a passion for young, growing minds. Her first publication, The Adventures of Super Stew: An unforgettable journey shares the story of her dog, Stewie, and their special bond, as he travels to ‘Rainbow Bridge’. A tale for families and children of all ages, Kristi hopes this book will help anyone who has experienced the loss of a pet companion.

About the Book: Chronicling a miniature schnauzer named Stewie – “Super Stew” – as he embarks on a magical journey. Stewie, known for his playful antics, has adventures with whimsical characters Ralphie, Benji and Angel, Peanut, Jack, Whiskers, Howie and Stanley, and Lyndi on his enchanted path. This is the tale of the special bond between Stewie and his master. A story of love and light, this book will teach families and children of all ages about the loss of a pet companion and the beautiful afterlife known as ‘Rainbow Bridge’.]]

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