The Book of Angels: Twin Flames Rising by Maya El


An insider’s view of racial profiling in Chicago.







This exciting, yet tantalizing mystery is set in Chicago, the author’s home town. What makes this story very special is that it is a story which the author feels has to be told. The backbone scene setting of this book comes from the past memories, and personal experiences to this day of Maya El and her family, and gives an amazing insight into what it was, and is like to live as people of color in Chicago. From there the story takes flight into an exciting mystery, one which will keep its reader engrossed until the very last page.

At the time this story begins, Chicago is a city in lockdown. Backed by a president intent on making America safe, its police force make their own rules, and have unofficial carte blanche to terrorize and control its people of color.

At the largest black Baptist church in Chicago, the camera loving, outspoken, successful pastor Carson Parker, is a shining light for his flock, helping the community, providing hope and strength, a force to be reckoned with.

Living in a beautiful house, his wife Natalie is safe and secure, she’s in a perfect marriage as far as the outside world is concerned. However Natalie’s husband is a very different man than the caring, charismatic pastor, he is controlling, violent, and terrifying! Natalie knows she must do something, but how, and who is the sexy mysterious man who haunts her dreams?
As this clever police thriller morphs into a mystery, romance, murder, and then a horror story, this talented author takes the reader on the rollercoaster ride which is Natalie’s life.

This book has an absolutely riveting storyline, and yet it is so much more. The character of Natalie shows such strength in the face of adversity that she is empowering, and her journey of self-discovery shows us that there are forces out there which we do not understand, and yet they are there, and their powers can shape our destiny…

About the Author: Maya El was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and has witnessed the racial profiling of her brother and sons firsthand by law enforcement. Her father was a local political activist and raised awareness of racial profiling of young men of color in the 1990s. Maya is a Registered Nurse, the mother of four, and grandmother of one.

About the Book: A city on lockdown. A nation in turmoil. A president promising to “Make America a safe place to live again.” A secret so ugly, it could destroy everything… Natalie Parker is the pastor’s wife at the largest black church in Chicago. From the outside, she seems to have it all: a gorgeous house, a beautiful pool, a powerful husband. But things aren’t always as they appear from the outside. Natalie knows something isn’t right with her husband, and the truth is worse than she ever dreamed. In a city full of lies, coverups, and injustice, can Natalie uncover the truth in her own marriage before it’s too late? And what about the hauntingly seductive mystery man who keeps appearing in Natalie’s dreams?

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