The Complete Mexican, South American & Caribbean Cookbook by Jane Milton, Jenni Fleetwood, Marina Filippelli


This book is one of those which become a bible. I bought it wanting to explore the world of Mexican cookery and discovered it contained so much more. This book has everything you could possibly need if you are a keen cook wanting to experiment with new dishes, or indeed make some of the classic favourites from scratch.

Since buying it I have enjoyed countless evenings cooking, and then eating, recipes from it. Because of the versatility of the Mexican, South American and Caribbean recipes they can be enjoyed cooked in a traditional oven or barbecued. There are plenty of recipes for vegetarians and lots of interesting salsa’s and dips.

If, like me, you enjoy ‘playing’ with recipes and entertaining, then this is a book you will find, like me, you cannot do without.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and a plus for me is that it is very well illustrated. If I could give it 6 out of 5 stars I would.

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