The Device by Patrick Skelton

The Device written by Patrick Skelton

The Device

John Timmons is a man haunted by guilt over the death of his girlfriend, something he blames himself for. He is a very troubled man, with a sad past, medical problems and seems old before his time at only 24.

Whilst hiking in the mountains, John sees The Device on a log, in a ravine. After clambering down the retrieve it, he is still at a loss to know what it is. It is only the size of a mobile phone, and the only thing on it is a small hole, and the engraved words “Project Daf Yasfhat.” What is it, and what does it do?

As the story unravels, his romantic relationship with co-worker Lisa evolves, and he meets Jacob, a mysterious man, who is not all what he seems.

This is a captivating story in which all the pieces knit together nicely at the end, as John’s sad childhood, hidden pieces of the jigsaw, and unspoken memories are revealed.

The science-fiction element of this book is cleverly weaved into the very fabric of the story.

I reviewed this book as an audiobook and it was intriguing to listen to, the narrator, Kurt Feldner, has a very warm and engaging voice.


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