The Orange Crystal-like Doornob by Mike Hanmer Walker


Sometimes, seemingly terrible life altering things can happen, however, when this happened to Mike Hanmer Walker he used it as an opportunity to rekindle his love of poetry and became an author.

This is the first book of his poems I have read and I just love them! They are a great assortment of observations on life. Some are inspirational like ‘Happy New Year,’ some thought-provoking ‘What Would You say’ and some are humorous like ‘Uncle Eric.’

Whatever mood you are in there will be something to suit you in this wonderful potpourri. That the author is a people watcher, and a generally a great observer of life is obvious because these poems capture ‘life’ so brilliantly.

It would be difficult to pick a favourite, but if I had to, I think it would be between, ‘The Middle Road,’ which I really loved, and ‘I Did This…’ because, well because I am a mum.

I can’t wait to read more from this talented author and poet.

About the Book: “about this book
now how do i begin to describe this book, it a poetry book but it doesnt have the one category for all poems, there are poems about experience, life , memories, feeling , and of course just a lot of fun,
there are the ones i wrote for friends to celebrate or commerate events in their lives too , and in particular theres the one MUM FOR YOU was written when my mother went into a care home in october , and her health was failing her,
and when she did pass away on 28 nov 2013 i penned STILL MISSING YOU i hope a few people can relate to the sentiments of the words.
but as i mentioned there are fun poems to with fictional characters and situations, but even some of those may give rise to debate,
finally one of the fun ones is actually based on true events , the title DAVE THE RAVE, i hope you enjoy”


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in Paperback

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