The Starlight Club 13: The Old Doll by Joe Corso

Gangland crime writing at its best!

I’m a long-time fan of The Starlight Club series of books by Joe Corso. Each story is a stand-alone, however it is fascinating to watch the characters’ lives evolve over the series. The stories are told through the eyes of Bobby, someone who observed the events of that time, and he narrates them to his daughter Lynn, in the little room built for him. at her home in Darien, Connecticut.

Joe Corso is an award-winning author, who was born in Queens, New York, and attended the Manhattan HS of Aviation trades, and the Academy of Aeronautics. He is a Korean veteran. As well as writing this excellent series, he has also written amazing stories from his years as a firefighter working for the FDNY. He has also written adventure, science fiction, and westerns. He has four children, thirteen grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.

In this exciting story, Bobby takes us right back to the 1960’s, at The Starlight Club, with its owner Red, and right hand man Trenchie. Through their dealings both with the gangsters, cops, their ‘family’ and others, readers are able to get a real feel for life in Queens at that time. Plus, in this story, Bobby reveals a terrible mistake he made as a youngster, and one he has never forgotten…

At this time, as well as the continuing underground power struggles with gangland bosses, it is the time of horrendous riots which raged in New York, causing terrible loss of lives, and the storyline gives a glimpse into how these were instigated, and by whom.

However, it was a potential hit on Joey-Boy, one of Red’s men which brought about the meeting of Red with the ‘Old Doll,’ Betsy Nagel, a now reclusive former Ziegfeld Follies, girl. Captivated by this star of legendary grandeur, Red’s mission becomes to reintroduce her to the modern world. With the help of his famous movie star wife, Iris Lang, and his company, Starlight Productions in California, Red is determined the world will yet again wonder at Betsy Nagel’s timeless talent, and beauty.

In this book, through the talented writing of this award-winning author, we are able to enter the underground world of gang life in New York. We learn of the camaraderie, code of honour, and unswerving code of ethics that the members of the families live by. Life is ruthless, death can happen at any time, yet the families and those they care about are protected and looked after at any cost.

I highly recommend this book, and indeed the whole series as wonderfully written gangland crime thrillers, with dashes of romance, and compassion included.

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Joe Corso (1935 – ) Born in Queens, New York. Attended Manhattan HS of Aviation trades, and the Academy of Aeronautics. He is a Koren Veteran and retired from the FDNY. He has 4 children and 13 Grandchildren and . . . 5 great grandchildren. Corso is the author of ‘The Starlight Club’ novels. His novel, ‘The Revenge of John W’ will be available shortly on Amazon.

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