The Starlight Club 6: Double Seven by Joe Corso

51o+nSZh-UL__AA160_Bob is staying at his daughter Lynn’s house in Darien, Connecticut, as bad weather has prevented his return home. At times like these Lynn likes to take advantage of the opportunity to ask her father for some more stories from the famous Starlight Club…

Looking back over the years, Bob decides to tell her about a time when Joey Bones, Bull and Richie swapped the Crown Victoria for a Caddy convertible and drove to Vegas on business for Red. The drive as it turns out was to prove very eventful when Joey decided to pop in and see his sister JoAnne, in Bonner Springs. However, he is none too pleased to discover that her boyfriend, has beaten her up.

When they arrive at her house and confront Brian O’Rourke, the boyfriend, they discover not only is he a thug, he’s also a drug dealer. With the thumbs up from the boss they sort out the situation, however, the results of their actions brings about an interesting chain of events.

Big Red knows that getting what you want and making people bend to your will does not necessarily have to be achieved by actual violence, after all when you are that famous, the suggestion is often enough. He also knows that looking after the little guys is important, they will owe you for life, and do whatever is needed, when the time come for you to call in the favor.

With Trenchie happily married, and romance in the air, Red realises that something is missing in his own life, he can have any girl he wants but he wants a wife, and there is only one lady who will fit the bill, Iris, but will she want him? There’s only one way to find out…

For Starlight Club fans, these tales are a wonderful insight into the dark underworld of mobster life in New York, where life is cheap, and there’s no time for regrets. This book, like others in the series is studded with big names with shady pasts, and gives credence to the clever façade the Starlight Club, and others like it provide.

Another great story from award winning author Joe Corso!

About the Author:

Joe Corso
I grew up in Queens, New York. I started writing late in life hoping to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. I found to my surprise that I could tell a good story which resulted in my writing 24 books (so far).Go figure. If I would have known that I could tell a good story. I would have started writing a half century ago.
About Starlight Club 6: Problems keep occurring that prevent Big Red Fortunato from leaving Queens. His enemies know he would like to settle in Vegas and they look forward to taking over his action the moment he leaves. Red has one profitable Vegas casino, the Double Seven. His second casino Nell’s Silver Spur is being renovated. Richie Fingers the best card and dice spotter in the world and some of Reds men are driving to Vegas to protect his interests there. Since the men are driving through Kansas, Joey Bones decides to visit his sister. So what can possibly go wrong by him stopping to see her?Trenchie’s happy marriage doesn’t go unnoticed by Big Red and he would like to settle down with a good woman. But in order to do that he has to find a woman who would take him for what he is…a difficult choice for any woman to make.Swifty is the middleweight champion of the world and he’s scheduled to fight the one fighter who’s style he just can’t seem to figure out. Those close to him wonder if he will hold on to his championship belt or will Slick Parker the ex-champ win it back from him?.


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