The Starlight Club 8: Elvis: A World Full Of Movie Stars, Gentlemen and Killers… by Joe Corso



All I can say is wow. After finishing The Starlight Club 7 on a cliff-hanger, and his fans not knowing if there would be another Starlight Club, the master of storytelling Joe Corso has once again well and truly pulled the cat out of the bag with this super story.

One of the endearing things to me is the way these Starlight stories start, with Bobby remembering a tale about the Starlight Club days, Red, Trenchie, Tarzan and all the gang. As he reminisces to his daughter Lynn, these wonderful stories of times gone past come to life, and how! The author is a master at taking you back to Queens, this time in the 1970’s and introducing you to its characters, gangsters, and celebrities. Personally, I think is the best book to date, and I have read them all.

In it we join Red as his dreams for the resurrection of the old Starlight Club are realised, and a new era begins, as, sad to be parted from his actress wife Tiffany, he decides to increase interest in the movie industry to building another studio, but this time in New York.

The main theme of this book, as the title suggests, is the supposed staged death of Elvis Presley. The author has thoroughly researched this hypothesis and the result is a story which is fascinatingly detailed and whether you have firm ideas before you read this, by the end you will find yourself wondering, could he still be alive? Is this book true?

However, as with all the Starlight books there are many subplots which feature all the well known and loved characters from the Starlight series. All these books can be read as a stand-alone, however the characters do follow through and evolve.

Just one of the subplots is when Trenchie, Red’s right hand man finds that a good deed goes wrong when he is called in to help, when the ex-first ladies daughter goes missing. However nothing could have prepared him for the ex-first lady herself or for the way the plot unfolds. This story could have been a book on its own!

Fans of the Starlight Club series will not be disappointed in this, the latest book. I have loved reading every page of this cleverly written story, laced with intrigue, murder, a thrilling storyline, and the lifetime’s experience this author has of living in Queens.


About the Author: I’m a Korea Veteran. I Retired from the FDNY and I Grew up in Queens, New York. I started writing late in life hoping to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. I found to my surprise that I could tell a good story which resulted in my writing 29 books, garnering 19 awards and becoming a 4 time top 100 best selling author.

Go figure… If I would have known I could tell a good story. I would have started writing a half century ago.

About the book: Elvis’s had the most recognized name in the world. His first name drew people to his concerts like metal scrapings to a magnet. He was every promoter’s dream. He was magnetic, handsome and talented, and after twenty years of making movies and performing in front of thousands of his fans he had everything a man could want. He had done it and he had it all. He had nothing more to prove. As time went on he began to hate his lifestyle. After twenty years It became repetitious to the extreme. His fame locked him in his home, He couldn’t leave his house to go to go to a ballgame, or a movie or to the local grocery store to buy a cigar. His fame made him a prisoner in his home, trapped and his fame bound him tighter than the chains of a felon. Elvis had many millions of dollars in cash and in banks and he wanted to quit, to escape, but how could he do that when he was a money making machine to the movie studios, the record companies, the casinos? How could he escape? How could he regain his freedom and live a normal life like everyone else? The answer was simple. What if he faked his death? Was is possible he could he do that… escape? Was faking his death the means to free himself?

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