When Sicily arrives on the streets of Queens…

What daughter doesn’t love listening to her father’s stories, and this exciting new Starlight Club adventure opens with Lynn, devoted daughter of Bobby, waiting for her father to return from a visit to Queens, where he hopes to see some old friends.

When he arrives safely home they settle down with a coffee and some Sambuca, and Bobby tells Lynn of his day, and how it had bought back memories of a troubling period in 1975 when the Sicilians had arrived in Queens and set up in business selling drugs.

You see, Big Red Fortunato, owner of the Starlight Club, despite having his fingers in many pies did not condone drugs and prostitution on the streets of Queens. So when the word got back to him that the Zips were peddling drugs, he wasted no time in sending out his men to get more information, and after a ‘meeting’ with the Sicilians, he eventually discovered who the leader of the cartel was.

Determined to keep drugs of his streets, and with a fortuitous legitimate excuse for visiting Sicily, Red, Tarzan and Trenchie set off to meet Antonio Andolino, the person responsible for sending the Zips over, and the leader of one of the largest drug cartels in the world.

Used to being feared, Antonio has never met the likes of Red before and as the meeting deteriorates it is clear that the problem is not going to be solved simply.

In this powerful, exciting story we follow Red and his gang as they travel between Queens and Sicily, and very early on find ourselves fascinatingly ensconced in the world of the Sicilian mafia, with their proud honour, sense of family, blood oaths, and revenge killings.

This enthralling story brings together many of the past very memorable characters in the Starlight Club books, and if you are a fan, like me your will quickly remember them like old friends, however if this is the first book in the series you have read, it doesn’t matter, as everything is wonderfully explained and you will find yourself sinking into this excellent plot and its larger than life personalities with ease.

The author has managed through his amazing storytelling to bring the streets of Queens and the atmosphere of Sicily magically to life, in weaving together a clever story which includes drama, murder, mayhem, and kidnapping.

A really gripping thriller, reading The Starlight Club, An Easy Death, with its twist and turns, will keep you riveted to the page, and keen to know what will happen next, I highly recommend it.


About the Author:

I Grew up in Queens, New York. I’m a Korea Veteran and I retired from the FDNY. I started writing late in life hoping to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. I found that I could write a good story which resulted in 31 books and 32 awards, designating me a 4 time top 100 best selling author.

Go figure… If I would have known I could tell a good story. I would have started writing a half century ago.


About the Book:

The powerful mob leader knew that selling drugs brings heat. Local and federal heat. It’s 1974 and Big Red Fortunato’s order that no drugs are to be sold in Queens has been broken. He discovers that the powerful Sicilian mafia has defied his rule and is selling drugs with utter disregard for who he is. Red has to stop them without starting a war he may not win.

Tarzan’s recently deceased father bequeathed his house to him, but upon visiting it Tarzan discovers squatters living in it… and they refuse to leave.

Red visits Sicily under the pretext of scouting for movie locations. He arranges a meeting with Antonio Andolino the man in charge of the burgeoning Sicilian drug trade, with the hope of convincing him not to ship drugs to Queens. To hedge their bets in case the talks fail, Sicilian mobsters kidnap two of Red’s valuable assets to use as leverage against him. Red has to figure out how to get them back unharmed.

The multi-award winning (10 awards) best selling series continues with the publication of the 9th Starlight Club book.

THE STARLIGHT CLUB 9: UA MORTE FACILE (AN EASY DEATH) is available from Amazon in Paperback 

and Kindle 




  1. Sabrina Fox

    I’ve never read a book pertaining to a mafia before, but this one sucked me right in! Definitely will be putting it on my to read list, so thanks for putting it on my radar!

    1. Susan KEEFE

      You are welcome Sabrina, The Starlight Club series are exciting murder/suspense/thrillers.

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