The Treebobs and Air Rena! by Declan Harney – MP3


A lovely magical story for children.

 In this wonderfully magical story, the wicked witch Rotten Rena is up to her evil ways again as she embarks on a new venture. This time, she has decided that she is going to run a passenger airship over the Enchanted Forest, home of the Treebobs’ and fairies to the Dark Woods.

Of course, being her usual nasty self she doesn’t care about other people, and so she disturbs the fairies and Treebobs’ peace and quiet as she flies low over the forest in her noisy machine, making loud announcements. The poor Treebobs’ and fairies are so upset that Bindweed Belle and Treebob Brenda’s decide to visit Brenda’s uncle Mr McCloud, in Sky High Tower, which is actually a huge cloud, to see if he can help them.

You see, Mr McCloud has a very important job, he is a cloud maker. Clouds are very important, they contain water which can fall in many different ways, and Mr McCloud is very aware that his work can help or hinder many thing. He listens to them, and can understands their problem, but will he be able to help them?

Well, he is a kind and helpful man, and the good thing about helping others, is that when you are in trouble, they will help you. After listening to a wonderful idea from kind fairy Bindweed Belle, he calls in assistance from an unusual source!

The next day as the airship begins its maiden voyage, full of noisy cackling witches who are throwing food and rubbish over the side, their plan swings into action, but will it work?

To find out the answer you will have to listen to this enchanting story. Not only is it read beautifully by the very talented narrator Lindsay Abbott who brings all the characters wonderfully to life, but it also contains very important messages for children.



About the Author: Declan Harney started writing in 2010 and his stories of the Treebobs who are magical elves who live on a magical sycamore tree in an Enchanted Forest continue to grow in popularity. Declan lives in Lancashire by the Sea with his pet cat Mildred.


About the MP3 and Book: “Rotten Rena, the wicked witch of the Enchanted Forest, is back and this time she is flying high in her very own airship and causing mayhem. Things go from bad to worse when Rena’s troll workforce, the Neerdowells, arrive and there seems little hope of saving the forest from the prospect of Air Rena. That is until Bindweed Belle and a Treebob find the strangest of all magical characters yet to help save the day.”

This is another story in the popular Treebobs series and features the popular characters of Bindweed Belle and of course the wicked witch Rotten Rena. The Treebobs books by Declan Harney have found wide spread acclaim. They provide a mix of comical fantasy with positive messages, all of which appeal to children and adults alike.

Tales 4 All are also pleased to announce that 20% of the profits from every sale of this book will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s charity.

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