The Treebobs and the Dizzy Broomsticks by Declan Harney


Declan Harney brings alive the magical art of storytelling in this wonderfully engaging tale starring his amazing Treebobs, lovely fairies, wicked witches and a host of woodland folk. Simply enchanting, with beautifully illustrations, The Treebobs and the Dizzy Broomsticks is guaranteed to capture the heart and imagination of every child.









When the peacefulness of the Treebobs and fairies home, the Treebob tree, is shattered by the sounds of sawing and cackling laughter, Treebob Bluebell, and two fairies, Bindweed Belle and Foxglove Philip decide that they will have to go and find out what is happening.

Nothing could have prepared them for the sight which meets their eyes! The two wicked witches Rotten Rena and Badlot Barbara are standing in the forest twirling their wands, and magically making giant saws fly through the air, cutting down the branches on the forests lovely trees!

But why are they doing it?

Well, it’s not until posters start being put up, that the woodland dwellers discover to their dismay that the wicked pair of witches are opening a broomstick shop!

Well, Rotten Rena and Badlot Barbara are very happy, the business is a flying success, witches come from far and wide, eager to buy their brooms, they are making lots of gold. However, whilst the witches are gleefully looking to the future, the woodland folk are in despair, their beautiful forest is no longer peaceful, the trees are being cut down, and the air is filled with raucous laughter and cackling, as the witches zoom around trying out brooms.

Something has to be done! So, safe in the sanctuary of the Treebob tree, the Treebobs, fairies, and woodland dwellers call a meeting. Babs Broomsticks must fail! But, how can they make this happen?

A plan is formed, and the spell is made, it takes heaps of teamwork, a huge measure of enthusiasm, a big dose of cleverness, a bundle of cooperation, a drop of determination, topped off with a big sprinkle of magic, but will it work?

To find out what the spell is, and if it worked, you will have to read this very entertaining and beautifully written story.

Full of magical Treebobs, lovely fairies, wicked witches, and woodland folk, this enchanting tale totally captured the heart and imagination of my little granddaughter. As I read it she eagerly turned the pages, she just couldn’t wait to hear what was coming next, and see the beautiful illustrations.

As a mother and grandmother I liked the fact that the author has used The Treebobs and the Dizzy Broomsticks to teach young readers important messages of harmony, thoughtfulness, friendship, and teamwork.

In the back there is also the added bonus’ of Rotten Rena’s Squashed Eyed Pie (one I’m definitely going to have to try with my granddaughter), and some games to play.

About the Author:

Declan Harney started his professional life as an attorney in 1994. His focus is trusts law and probate. However, his passion for writing began as a child, entering many writing competitions for fiction and poetry. His love of writing children’s books started when he attended creative writing classes where he wrote “The Shop that sold wishes and magic.” His stories of The Treebobs about the elves who live on a magical sycamore tree came from watching hundreds of sycamore seeds blowing in the wind on a stormy day. The first story of The Treebobs has now developed into a full series of 25 stories, all featuring the wonderfully wicked Rotten Rena, the magical Bindweed Belle and all the Treebobs in the enchanted forest. Declan Harney is a keen conservationist and supporter of woodlands and wildlife. He lives in a small town by the coast where he continues to write.

About the Book: 

Another in the sucessful Treebob Series. The enchanted forest comes alive with new, loud, awful sounds. The two wicked witches are up to their tricks as they cut down trees in The Treebobs forest home. Why are they doing this? How can they be stopped before they destroy everything? The Treebobs and the magical fairies team up … with quite dizzying results. Includes activity pages to extend the learning for children at home and in the classroom

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