The Wildlife Jungle Zone by Matthew Bennett


This first book in The Wildlife Jungle Zone series by young author and entrepreneur Matthew Bennett it a truly magical adventure, with two very special message.

It features Ricky the raccoon. Ricky is a friendly little fellow who loves to make new friends and help others. He befriends Jesse the fox and together they decide to build a treehouse for all the animals to live in.

Soon they meet all different sorts of other animals who join them, and they learn that even animals who they think are scary are actually nice, kind, and want to join in and help too.

They work hard together and when the treehouse is built, the happy band of friends decide to form a hockey team, and travel to the city to check out its ice rink. But what will the team be called? Find out in book two of this wonderful series, and whilst you are waiting enjoy playing the games which Matthew has thoughtfully added at the back.

This book is absolutely delightful and my grandsons loved it. Not only is it beautifully illustrated throughout, but the messages of friendship and team work are cleverly woven into the story. A great story children will love.

matthew-bennettAbout the author: Matthew Bennett, (previously Matthew Harris) Author, Illustrator, and Founder of FairTelevision. After attending college for three semesters of film class, he edits and collaborates, both videos, youtube and youtuber game videos. He is an online affiliate reseller of business software. Some of Matt’s work includes the book, Ant’s On Halloween, available in 4 formats, the video: How to draw, and numerous other videos, blogs, and vlogs online.

Matthew has special training, and talents, and develops his projects on his own. Matthew has a website where he has links to his Amazon sales and he has related themed merchandise for sale on his website. He has two books in the works, and he practices gaming videos, and live streaming while doing market research and cross promotion

About the book: . A clever cute story about resourceful fantasy animals that live in the wild jungle and start a sports team. This interactive adventure teaches lessons on teamwork, appreciation and using the land and resources to live and have fun.

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