Tricycle and Friends by Lester Aradi


A lovely story about a wonderful place where all kinds of animals find hope, kindness and happiness.









This wonderful children’s books is about a three legged retriever called Tricycle who is adopted by a family, and goes to live at their farm.

Once there, he meets Buckaroo, the miniature donkey. The two quickly become friends, and Buckaroo introduces Tricycle to some of the other animals. Many are adopted too. He soon discovers that there are all sorts, not only other dogs, but horses, llamas, chickens, and honey bees.

Every one has their own story to tell, and no one cares that Tricyce has only three legs, in fact they are interested to know how he lost it, and if it bothers him. He in return discovers that all his new friends have their own stories to tell, and that the farm is a magical place where they can all live together in harmony.

Through the talented storytelling of Lester Aradi, and the wonderful illustrations of Darwin Marfil, children learn in a very gentle way, through the experiences of Tricycle and his friends, how being different is okay, and as the book progresses they learn about bullying, the importance of adopting animals, and many other things.

That this beautiful Golden Retriever and the farm, with its animals actually exist is the icing on the cake – one day perhaps I will be lucky enough to visit!


About the Author:

Lester Aradi retired and moved to the north Georgia mountains where he and his wife, Diane, opened a rescued animals sanctuary. To help cover the expense of animal care, they operate a one bedroom farm stay bed and breakfast, “Horse Creek Stable Bed and Breakfast,” from which they do not draw a salary. All proceeds, after expenses, go to the care and feeding of the rescued horses, llamas, alpacas, miniature donkey, dogs, and of course their Golden Retrievers Tricycle and Romeo. “Tricycle and Friends” is their true life children’s book story.


About the Book:

Based on a true story, Tricycle and Friends shares the heartfelt tale about a group of rescued animal friends and their journey of serving as therapy animals for children with special needs.

When Tricycle, a rescued, three-legged Golden Retriever arrives at his new home, he gets the attention of the other animals who live there. They want to know what happened to his missing leg, and they wonder if it hurts and if it slows him down.

As Tricycle gets to know the other residents of the farm, he learns there are lots of different creatures who have a wide range of abilities and interests. He enjoys meeting the other animals and loves the peaceful quality of his surroundings.

Based on a true story, Tricycle and Friends shares a story about a group of rescued animal friends and their real-life journey of serving as therapy animals for children with special needs. Through story and pictures, it addresses topics such as adoption, bullying, dealing with physical challenges, death of a companion, and friendship.


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