Warrior of Light (Adventures of the Mind Traveller Book 3) by James McKenna

In this third book in the Mind Traveller series we join a 16 year old Rosie as she, having just finished her GCSE’s, is looking forward to the summer holidays.

Laying under the ancient oak tree at Haston Manor, she is dreaming of Oliver, one of the local boys and one of her partners in adventures, when an Inca boy called Titu suddenly arrives. He has been sent by his brother Apo, who is an Inca prince from Vilabamba with news especially for her. A piece of the Dove of Peace is in the Huacas.

So Rosie and her SAS Angel Elissa travel into Mind Space, and asks Grubalot what they should do. He reveals that the dark angels are rising again, they are becoming very strong, amassing a large army, and he has another mission for her. She must finds her parents, and the last pieces of the Dove of Peace, because, when the dove of peace is whole again, love will spread across Mind Space, and together with the white angels they will win the war against the Dark Angel, and his forces.

And so begins the adventure for Rosie and her friends Oliver, Charlie and Dan. However her discussions in Mind Space have been cunningly overheard by the despicable Skreg, a slimy creature who works for the dark forces, and he is prepared to do anything to stop Rosie from completing her quest.

Thwarted at every turn, bravely fighting terrible creatures, dark forces, creppins, and the hideous Skreg, the friends desperately seek Rosie’s parents. However, they are being kept prisoner, and with deception and lies at every turn, and things not being what they appear to be, will the friends be able to find them?

Then, if they do, will they really hold the key to the location of the final pieces of the dove?

Who will win the war?

Calling on allies of old, Rosie’s mothers secret diaries, and discovering some amazing new things about themselves and others, they courageously undertake the mission.

In this marvellous fantasy adventure, the reader not only joins in an amazing escapade, but also discovers through the adventure that, united, despite the dangers, true friendship and perseverance can achieve wonderful things.

Although the third book in this Mind Traveller series, it is not necessary to have read the others to enjoy this great story.


About the Author: 

I was born while enemy aircraft bombed London, spent some of my childhood amidst the wretchedness of post-war Austria, then with siblings and mother, followed my military father across the world. At the age of 15 I joined the British Army and attended the apprenticeship college at Harrogate, then the Royal School of Military Engineering. At 17 I passed selection for the Paras serving in the Gulf and Europe. Afterwards, running my own electronic and physical protection company came easily and gave insider knowledge for my crime thrillers The Unseen, The Uncounted and The Unwanted. Now a father and grandfather, in parallel to these crime thrillers, I have ventured into the action/fantasy world of the young reader aged 12+16. The Mind Traveller is the first of a series where Rosie adventures deep into the unchartered universe of Mind Space. The Witch’s Shadow second in the series will be published on the 5th of June. As a fulltime writer I live between the UK, Portugal and Ireland.

About the Book: 

Rosie is given a new mission in Mind Space, to rebuild the White Dove of Peace. Failure means victory for the Dark Angels who battle the White Angels for control of planet Earth and the parallel worlds.
Only Rosie’s mother knew where the last fragment of dove is hidden but are Rosie’s parents dead or trapped in a parallel time? While war rages, Rosie and her pals search for the truth, travelling from Mind Space to the Kingdom of the Incas, hunted by Skreg and his demons.
Mind Space, where time future slips to time past through time present, a place of transition where all time zones are compressed by quantum infinity, a place which must exist yet cannot exist except in our minds.

Available from Amazon in Paperback https://www.amazon.co.uk/Warrior-Light-3-Mind-Traveller/dp/0992840066/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1483699101&sr=8-2&keywords=warrior+of+light+by+james+mckenna

and Kindle format https://www.amazon.co.uk/Warrior-Light-Adventures-Mind-Traveller-ebook/dp/B01J668VO0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483698457&sr=8-1&keywords=warrior+of+light+by+james+mckenna


Barnes and Noble in Paperback http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/warrior-of-the-light-james-mckenna/1124280626?ean=9780992840068

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