Who Turned Out The Lights? by Ronald Wilde

411YxHBvPCL__AA160_A very interesting and no holes barred memoir.

I have read many memoirs and I can honestly say, none of them have been like this one.

Diagnosed as diabetic aged ten the author’s parents, ignored the condition, even though his father was a diabetic also. This lack of concern carried on through his life until the disease started to affect him, in ways he could not ignore.

This story is a no-holes-barred honest chronicle of Ronald’s life. He tells his story in a very frank, matter of fact and sometimes humorous way, and gives the reader an incredible insight into what it is like to lose your eye sight.

His story is not told as a sad one, there are many different facets to it as he rationally discusses the impact his life had on his loved ones, and his relationships. Moreover, it is a unique insight into actually coming to terms with the loss of your sight, and the obstacles both mentally and physically which have to be overcome during the process.

As his diabetes worsens other factors affect his life, and the book appears to finish quite abruptly, however this is because, I suspect, there is more to come…

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